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Hi, I’m Duncan Capicchiano.

Fiona Chin and I are naturopaths, medical researchers and kidney experts, and we created KidneyCoach.com to show you how to heal your kidneys naturally.

The inspiration behind KidneyCoach.com

Isobel Park, AKA our beloved Nanna, was 73 when she complained that she was feeling tired and in pain, Fiona looked over her blood tests to see how we could support her.

What Fiona found was seriously concerning. Nanna’s kidney function was at rock-bottom, and yet nobody had flagged it up. We were stunned.

Nanna went back to the GP and asked why he hadn’t told her that her kidneys were failing. His response?

“There’s nothing you can do, so I didn’t feel the need to mention it.”

Nothing at all?!

“It’s stage 4. Dialysis is your only option. It’s best to just accept it.”


Despite some health troubles, Nanna had thought she had years and years ahead of her. Now she was looking at a future hooked up to machines, watching her quality of life decline before her eyes. It felt like she’d been handed a death sentence, but true to her fiery Scottish nature, she decided to hand it back!

In the weeks that followed, we spent every waking moment researching natural treatments to boost Nanna’s kidney health. She swapped her black coffee for specially formulated herbal tea, took her supplements religiously, and adopted a nutrient-rich kidney health diet. And three months later, she went back and gave her doctor a piece of her mind!

You see, Nanna’s kidney function had shot through the roof. Creatinine down. GFR up. She’d gone from stage 4 – imminent dialysis – to stage 1 in just 12 weeks. Why hadn’t her doctor told her about all of these options? Well, he hadn’t even been aware of them. He said he truly believed there was nothing you could do to improve kidney function.

Thankfully, he was wrong, and Nanna went from strength to strength. We enjoyed ten more happy, laughter-filled years with this incredible lady, and her kidneys remained strong and healthy for the rest of her life.

About KidneyCoach.com

Kidney Coach

Nanna’s courageous fight-back against kidney disease is the inspiration behind our work at KidneyCoach.com. In the years since her diagnosis, we’ve poured heart and soul into researching the most effective natural treatments for reversing kidney disease. 

We’ve gathered all of our findings here at KidneyCoach.com. You’ll find a collection of powerful free resources to help you: 

Every week, we share free articles, audio content and videos showing you how to harness the power of natural kidney health solutions. Content includes: 

With the information you’ll find here on KidneyCoach.com, we’re confident that you can stop kidney disease in its tracks and turn your fate around. 

Nanna did it, and almost 25,000 of our clients have done it too! 

Ready to join them and heal your kidneys naturally?

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Meet the team

KidneyCoach.com is run by Duncan Capicchiano and Fiona Chin.

As qualified naturopaths, medical researchers and kidney health experts, it’s our mission to: 

Provide Information

Provide you with evidence-based information about kidney disease. 

Keep You Informed

Empower you to make informed choices about your kidney health. 

Show You How

Show you how natural medicine can turn kidney disease around.


“Hi, I’m Duncan and I’m the lead writer and naturopath behind KidneyCoach.com.  

I’m a second-generation naturopath, so you could say it’s in my veins! My mother is a naturopath and homeopath, and I remember being fascinated by watching her treat patients at our home clinic when I was growing up. She has a real passion for helping people to heal themselves, and she’s definitely passed that on to me! 

I started formally studying natural therapies back in 2000 with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. In the 20 years since, I’ve also achieved qualifications in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy. 

With our combined knowledge, Fiona and I founded one of Australia’s premier natural wellness clinics. Along with our team, we’ve helped thousands of people to advocate for their own health, take charge of their wellness, and benefit from the healing power of natural medicine. 

Today, my focus is on helping people to naturally heal themselves from kidney disease. Inspired by our experience of helping Fiona’s dear Nanna on her own journey back to health, we developed The Kidney Disease Solution. It’s already helped 25,000+ people to halt or reverse their kidney disease, and I have to say that helping these people rediscover their health and happiness is one of my proudest achievements to date! 

I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with every single person that can benefit from it. If you’d like to learn more about healing your kidneys naturally, start here with our free kidney health resources.”

Hi, I’m Fiona.

“I’m the co-founder of The Kidney Disease Solution. I’m a fully qualified naturopath with almost two decades of experience. I’m also qualified in herbal medicine, nutrition, food therapy, holistic counselling, live blood analysis, essences, kinesiology and mindfulness.


When you walk into a doctor’s office, you’re often viewed as a case, not a person. This is the complete opposite of my approach. I’m passionate about treating the person – the whole person – and not just the disease. I also believe that the mind is just as important as the body in healing, so I pay special attention to the connection between the two. 

I developed a particular interest in kidney health after my beloved Nanna’s kidney failure diagnosis, and I’ve specialised in kidney function and optimisation ever since. I also work closely with patients with autoimmune diseases such as lupus, IgA nephropathy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

When I’m not seeing patients, working on my formulations, or offering advice in the Kidney Coach Facebook page, I act as a Team Leader for Dr Joe Dispenza. In my free time, you’ll find me meditating, reading, riding my treasured horses, or simply spending time in nature.”

Ready to start your healing journey like Nanna?

To get started on your journey to kidney health, just like Nanna.

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