KDS Program

We don’t sell a hard copy of this book. We have chosen to use this option as it allows for instant access to the program, helps keep costs down for customers, and allows us to send out any updates to the program for free. We hope you appreciate our reasoning.

You can follow the program after a transplant, however there are a number of natural remedies that need to be avoided alongside transplant drugs, so we advise writing in for the professional support that comes with the program so we can advise you of any safety issues and assist with choosing alternative options.

For people on dialysis the aims of the program are to slow progression of kidney damage as much as possible and relieve symptoms, thereby improving quality of life. There are also suggestions for remedies within the program that can help prevent side effects of dialysis.

Returns & Exchanges

If you don’t wish to follow the program you are entitled to a refund within 60 days of purchase in accordance with the guarantee. If this is still valid please reply directly to this email and attach your receipt from Clickbank so that we can access your subscription details and process that for you. Alternatively you can process your own refund at https://www.clickbank.com/#!/

If you don’t have your clickbank receipt or order number please email us back with the following information: Name on order, Email address and zip code. This will allow us to access your subscription details.

Kygenesis does not refund or exchange product that is past its expiration date.

Kygenesis currently does not accept returns on internationally shipped products. All international product sales are final.

To return or exchange a product that you purchased from Kygenesis please email support@kidneycoach.com to receive specific instructions on returns and exchanges.

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