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Cordyceps and Kidney renal disease

Cordyceps Sinensis & Kidney Function

Cordyceps sinensis (also called Caterpillar fungus) has been recorded officially as a herbal drug in the Chinese pharmacopoeia and is one of the most famous traditional Chinese medicines and medicinal mushrooms. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) traditionally used Cordyceps as an adaptogen and immune supportive herb, to support the kidney and lung systems.  Cordyceps is actually …

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Is Klotho the new Superstar in Kidney Disease?

In its early stages, kidney disease has no symptoms and isn’t easily detected which makes it difficult to make an early and accurate diagnosis. Frequently, people aren’t aware they have kidney disease until they have already reached the later stages and a lot of kidney damage has already occurred. Today I want to introduce you …

Is Klotho the new Superstar in Kidney Disease? Read More »

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