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Science-Based Formulas

Features and Benefits

Kidney Prime™ by Kygenesis™ unites eight prized botanicals from ancient Chinese herbalism, curated and combined to support healthy kidney function.

  • Dan Shen, Astragalus, Rehmannia, Tienchi Ginseng, Fo-Ti, Cordyceps, Schisandra and Ginger
  • Potent kidney support, including herbal extracts ranging from 10:1 to 4:1 concentration
  • Inspired by Chinese herbal traditions that support kidney health by restoring Qi and blood circulation
  • Enhances kidney energy and optimizes kidney cells’ mitochondria (the body’s ‘powerplants’)
  • Protects kidneys from damaging effects of unbalanced blood sugar, blood pressure and immune activity
  • Promotes cardiovascular health, with an emphasis on kidney-supportive blood flow and microcirculation
  • Helps to protect and maintain healthy kidney tissue structure against fibrosis and aging

Kidney Prime gives kidney patients and those with kidney concerns an easy way to benefit from the world’s most ancient kidney healing traditions.

Only Kidney Prime supplies eight research-backed kidney herbs as high-potency concentrated extracts, expertly combined into one premium formula that works.

Kidney Prime is designed to be taken as part of the healthy kidney lifestyle practices outlined in the Kidney Coach program (‘The Kidney Solution Program’).

For full holistic support, take Kidney Prime with Kygenesis™ Kidney Advance™: Powerful energizing antioxidant formula for healthy kidney function

Kidney Prime: Rooted in Chinese herbalism, validated by modern science. Natural, holistic support for kidney health and overall wellness.

Ancient herbalism traditions spanning cultures all over the world have successfully used botanicals to promote kidney health for millennia.

Of all folk wellness systems and practices, traditional Chinese herbalism is the most significant for kidney health.

Kidney Prime is a modern kidney supplement inspired by ancient Chinese herbalism principles, in which kidney problems are often traced back to poor circulation and Qi deficiency. These aggravating factors are present when kidney issues manifest, and worsen as kidney health concerns progress.

Kidney Prime includes carefully curated and combined traditional herbs used in accordance with Chinese herbalism protocols for restoring Qi, rejuvenating kidney energy levels, activating the blood, strengthening natural kidney defenses and promoting robust circulation.

In addition, Kidney Prime is formulated for holistic kidney health. Its ingredients have research-backed benefits for kidney-complementary pathways including cardiovascular health, blood sugar & blood pressure balance, liver and detoxification, energy and anti-aging.

Kidney Prime is the most effective and science-driven herbal kidney support formula ever developed.


Highly effective. Kidney Prime herbs have helped kidneys to heal for millennia. Patients who take it often feel results quickly

Versatile. Kidney Prime is so highly concentrated and far-reaching that it can enhance multiple kidney health pathways at once

Easy to take. Just 1 capsule, three times daily. Gentle on the stomach; absorbs comfortably and completely

Clean and pure. Vegan, non-GMO formula; all dosages shown; premium and pure ingredients

Top quality. Carefully blended and encapsulated in the USA at a state-of-the-art cGMP compliant manufacturing facility

Affordable. One bottle of powerful, efficient and convenient Kidney Prime replaces several bottles of inferior kidney supplements

Upgradable. For intensive support, upgrade Kidney Prime with Kygenesis Kidney Advance™ formula and Kidney Coach program

Kidney Prime Ingredients Label - Supplement Facts

How to Take Kidney Prime

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 Kidney Prime capsule three times daily (or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional) for ongoing kidney support

For enhanced kidney health support, pair Kidney Prime with Kygenesis Kidney Advance™ nutritional formula

For the best possible overall kidney wellness results, take Kidney Prime and Kidney Advance in combination with the healthy lifestyle practices outlined in the Kidney Coach™ program under the supervision of your doctor.

Kygenesis Kidney Prime

Kidney Prime is highly concentrated.

“Because we use powerfully concentrated herbal extracts, we can pack more kidney-supportive nutrition in each capsule. This makes Kidney Prime easier to take, more cost effective, and ultimately most beneficial for kidney health.” ~ Fiona Chin

Kidney Prime Ingredients

Dan Shen

Dan Shen

(Salvia miltiorrhiza) root

Kidney Prime Dan Shen is a perennial plant in the mint family used in traditional Chinese herbalism practices for 2,000 years. Dan Shen is prized for its ability to support healthy circulation, which aligns with Chinese herbalism’s focus on “activating the blood” as a key first step in kidney concerns. Modern researchers have identified 201 active compounds in Dan Shen that deliver versatile, broad-ranging bioactivities for supporting kidney health and overall wellness.

Dan Shen Kidney Support

Human Clinical Research: Dan Shen May Help Kidney Transplant Patients

Researchers in a human clinical study of 121 kidney transplant patients reported Dan Shen may improve blood microcirculation and support healthy kidney recovery when taken with conventional therapies.

Researchers in kidney health animal studies have suggested Dan Shen may support kidney health by:

  • Maintaining kidney structure via active Tanshinone IIA and its regulation of fibrosis and collagen
  • Protecting kidneys via immune modulation and by fighting cell-damaging oxidative stress

Researchers in animal and experimental models suggest Dan Shen may help:

Cardiovascular: May assist with microcirculation, vasodilation and free-flowing blood viscosity. Dan shen is also suggested to help maintain blood pressure in normal range.

Blood Sugar: Dan Shen may support sugar balance via its polyphenolic antioxidants and actives that promote antioxidant status; microcirculation; and promotion of cell longevity, including kidney cells

Blood sugar imbalance and blood pressure problems are the two main causes of kidney decline.

“For these reasons, we formulated Kidney Prime with herbs like Dan Shen that support kidney health and address the root causes of kidney problems, including blood sugar and blood pressure issues.” ~ Duncan Capicciano



(Astragalus membranaceus) root extract 10:1

Kidney Prime Astragalus is a flowering plant in the pea family found growing deep in pine forests throughout Asia. One of the most important wellness herbs in Traditional Chinese health practices, Astragalus is also known as huang qi and is considered a major herb for kidney health. Astragalus is also regarded as a tonic and adaptogen, used to support immunity and overall health while strengthening the body’s resistance to stress.

Astragalus Kidney Support

Researchers in kidney health animal studies have suggested Astragalus may:

  • Improve kidney fibrosis via its ability to balance and modulate immune system responses
  • Hold potential to help with proteinuria in kidney patients in conjunction with conventional therapies
  • Supply antioxidant activity that provide significant protection against kidney injury related to oxidative stress, including blood sugar-induced oxidative stress

Energy: Astragalus is believed to reduce mitochondrial energy consumption, thereby improving physical stamina. Its antioxidant activity also protects mitochondria. These benefits may support robust energy production associated with kidney health and life vitality.

Kidney Prime Dan Shen + Astragalus: Ancient Kidney Preparation

Kidney Prime supplies Astragalus and Dan Shen: A cornerstone decoction of Traditional Chinese herbalism, administered to activate blood and replenish Qi. Modern researchers have suggested this combination may help with kidney concerns due to the herbs’ mitochondria-energizing effects.



(Rehmannia glutinosa) root extract 4:1

Kidney Prime Rehmannia is one of the oldest botanicals recorded in traditional Chinese herbalism, used to promote blood sugar balance for over 1,000 years. Also known as Sheng Di Huang, Rehmannia is a Qi tonic that works in the kidney channel (as well as the liver and heart channels). It is considered a major herb for both nourishing yin and promoting kidney health. Rehmannia is also classed as a powerful adaptogen.

Rehmannia Kidney Support

Rehmannia is a kidney-protective herb, with researchers in animal studies suggesting it may:

Protect kidneys via blood sugar balance. Its oligosaccharides (stachyose and manninotriose) modulate blood glucose via the adrenal pathway specifically, in harmony with the endocrine system. Researchers have suggested these effects may considerably help with kidney issues related to blood sugar imbalance.

Protect kidneys via immune modulation. Its active catalpol has been shown to protect kidneys by regulating immune function and supporting balanced, healthy immune responses. Researchers have suggested these bioactivities have therapeutic potential for protecting at-risk kidneys.

Researchers in kidney health animal studies have also suggested Rehmannia:

  • Regulates fibrosis, which may otherwise progress to unhealthy kidney structure
  • Helps maintain creatinine and 24-hour urinary protein excretion in normal range

Energy: Rehmannia’s active Catalpol has been shown to support mitochondrial function in brain cells

Cardiovascular: Suggested to have significant effects on overall cardiovascular wellness

Detox/Liver: Helps liver via glucose utilization, glycogen synthesis, and liver cell mitochondria support


Tienchi Ginseng

(Panax notoginseng) root extract 4:1

Kidney Prime Tienchi Ginseng is part of the Panax genus, known as “sānqī” in Chinese. In Chinese herbalism, its stems and leaves used to brew a special tea for cardiovascular wellness. Chinese folk wellness traditions also regard Tienchi Ginseng as an important anti-aging tonic known as the “Miracle Root for the Preservation of Life.” It is also a cornerstone herb for healthy cardiovascular function including robust circulation.

Tienchi Ginseng Kidney Support

Researchers in kidney health animal studies have suggested Tienchi Ginseng may:

  • Provide broad-ranging kidney support that includes modulating immune responses, strengthening antioxidant defenses and regulating kidney fibrosis
  • Preserve healthy kidney function in animals with blood sugar problems, a benefit attributed to its regulation of growth factors
  • Protect kidneys against toxicity state, demonstrated by blood BUN, Scr and urinary NAG, and preservation of kidney structure
  • Possess anti-fibrosis activity in kidney tissue, specifically; may help preserve healthy kidney structure

In animal studies, researchers have linked Tienchi Ginseng to kidney-complementing pathways including:

Energy: Tienchi Ginseng regulates mitochondrial energy metabolism in many ways, including oxidative stress, mitochondrial longevity, biogenesis (fresh mitochondria formation), and membrane function.

Cardiovascular: May support circulation, free-flowing blood, blood vessel relaxation, and blood pressure balance. Researchers consider Tienchi Ginseng a promising cardioprotective agent.

Human Study: Tienchi Ginseng + Cordyceps Helps Kidney Patients

60 kidney patients took either Tienchi ginseng extract 1X daily or Cordyceps (control group) 3X daily. After two months changes in serum creatinine (SCr), creatinine clearance rate (CCR), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), uric acid (UA) and 24-hour urinary protein were improved in both groups, with Tienchi Ginseng producing greater benefit. Researchers concluded Tienchi Ginseng may help improve kidney function and be an effective therapy for kidney concerns unrelated to uremia.



(Polygonum multiflorum) root extract 4:1

Kidney Prime Fo-Ti is a twining vine used in Chinese herbalism practices dating back to the Tang Dynasty. In traditional wellness practices, Fo-Ti is prized as a kidney and liver tonic, blood revitalizer and vital essence toner. The plant’s root is more commonly used in Asian health rituals and herbal preparations, with larger, more mature roots are believed to be infused with greater restorative power. Also known as He Shou Wu, Fo-Ti supplies several active compounds, including 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-D-glucoside (TSG)

Fo-Ti Kidney Support

Researchers in kidney health animal studies have suggested Fo-Ti may:

  • Reverse the decline of kidney klotho levels. Klotho is a genetic marker of aging. Fo-Ti appears to revitalize kidney klotho, raising it to a more youthful status associated with kidney health
  • Protect kidneys from injury related to unbalanced, out-of-range blood sugar levels

In animal studies, researchers have linked Fo-Ti to kidney-complementing pathways including:

Antioxidant/Anti-Aging: Fo-Ti’s active TSG is believed to have antioxidant activity similar to the red wine grape antioxidant resveratrol, but stronger. TSG is suggested to prolong lifespan in mammals. Fo-Ti also helps to support superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx).

Kidney Prime Fights Age-Related Kidney Decline

“Fo-Ti is Kidney Prime’s flagship herb for anti-aging support. We reinforce it with Cordyceps and Schisandra, which add on support for kidney cell longevity. Together in Kidney Prime, these herbs deliver powerful, multi-pathway anti-aging support for normal kidney structure, energized kidney function, and long-range kidney health.” – Duncan Capicciano

**Those seeking extra-strength kidney-targeted anti-aging support can augment Kidney Prime with Kidney Advance: An energizing, anti-aging antioxidant formula designed by Kygenesis to combine with Kidney Prime.



Mushroom extract 10:1

Kidney Prime Cordyceps is a natural mushroom that grows on moth and butterfly larvae in Asia, giving it a distinct caterpillar shape. In traditional Asian herbalism, Cordyceps has been used as a kidney therapy and revitalizing tonic for close to 2,000 years, with both applications now backed by modern science. Studies have shown that cordycepic acid, cordycepin and polysaccharides are also active constituents, with cell energizing, mitochondria-defending bioactivities that draw interest for kidney health applications.

Cordyceps Kidney Support

Human research review: Cordyceps may support healthy kidney function

In a meta-analysis of 22 studies, Cordyceps was linked to significantly decreased serum creatinine, increased creatinine clearance, and reduced 24-hour proteinuria in those with kidney concerns. Researchers suggested Cordyceps, in conjunction conventional therapies, demonstrated potential to support kidney function. Due to the limitations of studies included, further research is warranted.

In addition, in experimental models Cordyceps is suggested to regulate kidney fibrosis, thereby potentially helping to support healthy kidney structure and function.

Energy: Cordyceps is a revitalizing tonic that may help with kidney-related fatigue issues. Enhance cell oxygen utilization, promoting efficient physical performance that may improve aerobic exercise capacity and extend time to exhaustion

Anti-Aging: May influence cell longevity, suggested to have excellent pharmacological data related to apoptosis (programmed cell death)



(Schisandra chinensis) fruit extract 10:1

Kidney Prime Schisandra is a vining shrub with berries that are prized in Traditional Chinese, Russian Japanese and Korean health practices. In China, Schisandra is known as “Five Tastes Berry,” with its multi-layered flavors associated with a multitude of benefits for human health. Schisandra berry seed oil is a rich source of 40+ lignans and organic acids believed to be its most active components. Schisandra is also widely researched and strongly regarded as an adaptogen herb with anti-stress and energizing effects.

Schisandra Kidney Support

Researchers in kidney health animal studies and in vitro models have suggested Schisandra may:

  • Exert a powerful protective effect on kidneys by fighting oxidative stress, out-of-balance immune responses and programmed cell death
  • Maintain kidney function against blood sugar challenges; benefit partly attributed to Schisandra’s ability to support healthy structure in the podocyte cells that help form kidney cells’ “filters”
  • Possess anti-fibroid activity; its regulation of fibroids may help to preserve normal kidney structure
  • Assist with kidney cell longevity, potentially helping to block apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Antioxidant/Anti-Aging: Schisandra lignans have been shown to reduce liver enzymes in humans, which in turn benefits the glutathione antioxidant system that plays a key role in protecting kidneys.



(Zingiber officinale) root extract 4:1

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, ginger is a rhizome; a sturdy, knotted mass of roots that spreads underground. It emerges twelve inches above with long green leaves and yellow-white blossoms. For over 2,000 years, the powerhouse ginger root has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic health practices. The dried root supplies prized actives: gingerols and zingiberene.

Ginger Kidney Support

Researchers in kidney health animal studies and in vitro models have suggested ginger may:

  • Support kidney health and be used as a therapeutic herb for those with kidney concerns; benefits linked to its potential beneficial effect on clearing urea from the bloodstream

Bonus Ginger Benefits for Kidney Prime

Bioenhancement: Ginger promotes optimal absorption of nutrients, a benefit researchers have attributed to ginger’s influence on intestinal barrier function

Digestive Comfort: Beyond helping kidneys, Ginger promotes soothes and supports the digestive system, so even the most sensitive of stomachs can benefit from Kidney Prime.

Cardiovascular: Ginger is associated with efficient blood flow but may enhance cardiovascular health in many additional ways, including antioxidant support, promoting free-flowing blood viscosity, helping to regulate blood pressure and maintain normal immune system responses.

Liver/Detoxification: Ginger has been used traditionally for toxin clearance; modern research suggests it may assist liver function by modulating immune responses and insulin resistance.


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For enhanced kidney health support, take Kidney Advance with Kidney Prime. These two Kygenesis formulas are designed to be taken together. Kidney Prime complements Kidney Advance’s energizing antioxidant activity with holistic herbal support for kidney health, kidney function and overall wellness.

Next Day Shipping

Next Day Shipping
orders ship within 24 hrs

Savings on all Bulk Orders

Up to 15% Savings
on all Bulk Orders

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Can I buy Kidney Prime on Amazon?

No, you can only buy Kidney Prime right here. The Amazon marketplace is cluttered with inferior quality kidney supplements that muddy the waters and make it harder for people to find formulas that work. We feel it is important to sell Kidney Prime on our own website, only, because this enables us to share far more information than Amazon would ever allow. This is crucial because information is the key to kidney health. Our site is more than Kidney Prime; it is a valuable resource for anyone with kidney concerns… whether they are interested in Kidney Prime or not. Kidney health is best achieved with a holistic approach that includes lifestyle, diet, stress management, and more. Amazon is just a store. www.kidneycoach.com gives you resources that can do so much more.








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