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Made In the USA

Made In the USA

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Science-Based Formula

Science-Based Formulas

Features and Benefits

Kidney Advance™ by Kygenesis is a potent four-ingredient dietary supplement, expertly formulated to rejuvenate healthy kidney function via multiple bioenergetic and cell-protective pathways.

  • Kidney-defending + kidney-energizing antioxidant trio: CoQ10, R-Lipoic Acid and NAC
  • Restores kidneys with health-promoting factors depleted by age, kidney concerns, health issues
  • Optimizes natural antioxidant production, including in the kidney-health-critical glutathione system
  • Regenerates spent antioxidants within the kidneys to fight again, including Vitamins C and E
  • Protects, fuels, sparks & multiplies kidney cells’ mitochondria (the body’s ‘powerplants’)
  • Supports healthy function across all high-energy organs: Kidneys, heart, liver, and brain
  • Includes BioPerine® black pepper extract, shown to boost CoQ10 absorption and bioavailability by 30%

Kidney Advance’s bioenergetic and antioxidant benefits provide foundational, broad-spectrum support for overall kidney health – from early concerns through the distinct needs of kidney patients.

Kidney Advance CoQ10, R-Lipoic Acid and NAC also complement kidney health by supporting cardiovascular wellness, liver and safe detoxification, anti-aging, blood sugar balance, life vitality and more.

Take Kidney Advance to fortify kidney defenses, maintain healthy kidney structure and revitalize kidney function.

Kidney Advance is designed to be taken as part of the healthy kidney lifestyle practices outlined in the Kidney Coach program (‘The Kidney Solution Program’).

For full holistic support, take Kidney Advance with Kygenesis™ Kidney Prime™ formula: 8 kidney botanicals inspired by ancient herbalism and modern science

Kidney Advance™ supplies the ultimate antioxidant trio for protecting and energizing the kidneys in one supplement: CoQ10, R-Lipoic Acid and NAC.

With these three ingredients, Kidney Advance efficiently targets and restores the two most important biological pathways for kidney patients or anyone with kidney concerns:

1 – Kidney Bioenergetics (Mitochondrial Function)

Kidneys are high-energy organs. Kidney cells are densely clustered with mitochondria, the cells’ “powerplants.” Mitochondria misfire due to free radical-induced structural damage accumulated over time, due to aging and other stressors.

As kidney mitochondria accrue damage, kidney bioenergetics falter and health concerns manifest.

Mitochondrial dysfunction in kidney cells has been linked to a range of kidney health problems, including degradation of kidney proximal tubule structures and functions.

Kidney Advance is designed to restore healthy kidney bioenergetics, as well as nourishing, multiplying and protecting the mitochondria that power all kidney functions.

2 – Kidney Antioxidant Status (Oxidative Stress Defense)

Kidneys are constantly filtering waste, and have a high free radical load that makes them susceptible to the damaging effects of oxidative stress. A multitude of other factors, such as blood sugar imbalance, stress, health issues and environmental toxins, further worsen the free radical load.

When free radicals outpace the antioxidants that “quench” them, oxidative stress takes hold. Linked to accelerated aging and kidney cell damage, oxidative stress is present when kidney concerns manifest, and gets worse over time. For this reason, experts recommend antioxidant therapy early in the course of kidney health issues.

Kidney Advance supplies kidney-targeted antioxidant activity that includes regeneration of other antioxidants and recharging of the kidney-health-critical glutathione antioxidant system.

Kidney Advance ingredients have been shown in research to promote multiple aspects of kidney health, along with multiple complementary pathways for more holistic, broad-spectrum support.


Powerful. Kidney Advance is an ideal “first step” formula for anyone seeking strong, fast-acting support for early kidney concerns

Restorative. Kidney Advance is equally beneficial for patients seeking to replenish and re-energize depleted kidneys

Easy to take. Just 1 capsule, two times daily. Gentle on the stomach; absorbs comfortably and completely

Clean and pure. Vegan, non-GMO formula; all dosages shown; premium and pure ingredients

Top quality. Carefully blended and encapsulated in the USA at a state-of-the-art cGMP compliant manufacturing facility

Affordable. One bottle of powerful, efficient and convenient Kidney Advance replaces several bottles of inferior kidney supplements

Upgradable. For intensive support, upgrade Kidney Advance with Kygenesis Kidney Prime™ formula and Kidney Coach program

How to Take Kidney Advance™

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 Kidney Advance capsule two times daily (or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional) for ongoing kidney support.

For enhanced kidney health support, pair Kidney Advance with Kygenesis Kidney Prime™ nutritional formula.

For the best possible overall kidney wellness results, take Kidney Advance and Kidney Prime in combination with the healthy lifestyle practices outlined in the Kidney Coach™ program (‘The Kidney Solution Program’) under the supervision of your doctor.

Kidney Advance

Kidney Advance: Strong kidney health starter supplement

“If you only take one Kygenesis™ kidney health supplement, make it Kidney Advance. It is designed as a powerful first-line defense formula for getting kidney function back up to speed fast. Kygenesis™ Kidney Prime can then be added on for holistic herbal reinforcement. ” ~ Fiona Chin

Kidney Advance Ingredients



Kidney cell energy supercharger – potent kidney-protective antioxidant

Kidney Advance CoQ10 is a vitamin-like compound required for bioenergetics: The flow and transformation of energy within all life forms. CoQ10 is present in all cells and all body tissues. But due to its energizing properties, it is most concentrated in organs with high energy demands — including the kidneys, heart, liver and brain.

The health challenge: CoQ10 levels are depleted by aging, health issues, toxins, statin drugs and other stressors.

Kidney CoQ10 levels start to naturally decline around age 40, Reducing kidney bioenergetics & raising kidney health risks

Distribution to body

People with kidney concerns have been shown to have significantly lower blood CoQ10 levels than people with healthy kidneys.

Kidney Advance includes CoQ10 to help restore what a multitude of depleting factors take away – supporting more youthful CoQ10 levels in the kidneys and other high-energy organs.

CoQ10 Kidney Support

In human clinical studies, researchers have suggested that CoQ10 may:

  • Reduce serum creatinine and blood urea, accelerate creatinine clearance and increase urine output. CoQ10 also appeared to strengthen antioxidant status, raising blood levels of vitamins A, E, C and beta carotene
  • Improve mitochondrial function and reduce oxidative stress in kidney patients, thereby promoting kidney-energizing, kidney-protective effects associated with healthy renal performance
  • Be effective as an early kidney intervention: CoQ10 converts into ubiquinol, a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant shown to help protect kidneys and promote kidney function. Researchers have noted the potential of CoQ10’s ubiquinol form as an antioxidant therapy for kidney patients, specifically.
  • Significantly improve metabolic profile in kidney patients; researchers highlighted CoQ10’s ability to support several measures of cardiovascular health (meta-analysis)

Liver/Detoxification: CoQ10’s cell-protective antioxidant activity extends to the liver, helping to support a safe and gentle detoxification complement for kidney health.

Cardiovascular: CoQ10 is one of the greatest research-backed nutrients for overall cardiovascular health, including benefits for cardiac energy, heart rhythm stability, and maintaining blood lipids and blood pressure in normal range.

Energy: CoQ10’s crucial roles in cell energy production, mitochondrial function and mitochondrial biogenesis are associated with vitality, and may assist with energy concerns experienced by some kidney patient.

Lipoic Acid

R-Lipoic Acid

Universal Antioxidant protects kidney health & vitality

R-Lipoic Acid is the active form of the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). R-Lipoic Acid is fat- and water-soluble, with versatile, powerful activity that makes it a Universal Antioxidant. It is also naturally concentrated in cells’ mitochondria, including in the mitochondria-dense kidneys, where it plays a key role in energy production for healthy kidney function and healing. R-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that supports other antioxidants: It recycles and extends activity of Glutathione, CoQ10 and Vitamin C.

R-Lipoic Acid Kidney Support

R-Lipoic acid has been suggested in research to:

  • Improve kidney antioxidant status and reduce kidney oxidative stress
  • Exert kidney-protective activity as reflected by improved biomarkers of kidney injury
  • Restore depleted kidney antioxidants and enzymes including glutathione and SOD
  • Help to promote balanced immune responses associated with kidney health
  • Protect kidneys from damaging effects of oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Protect kidneys from damaging effects of out-of-range blood sugar levels

Antioxidant/Anti-Aging: Researchers have suggested that R-Lipoic Acid’s far-reaching bioactivities appear to reverse the age-related decline in mitochondria enzymes and cell-protective antioxidants, and in doing so, may protect mitochondria from aging itself. R-Lipoic Acid may also play a role in regulating cell longevity.

Energy: R-Lipoic Acid is suggested to restore and enhance the activity of mitochondrial enzymes that are required for cell energy production. It assists with glucose transport and metabolism, helping to fuel cell energy production as well as raising Acetyl CoA, a coenzyme that is used by mitochondria to produce cell energy. In the brain, R-Lipoic Acid’s mitochondria-optimizing bioactivities have been suggested to help energize cognition and mental clarity.

Liver/Detoxification: R-Lipoic acid plays a crucial role in the liver’s detoxification systems, a benefit that has been attributed to its influence on glucose utilization and blood sugar balance.

Cardiovascular: R-Lipoic acid is suggested to support overall cardiovascular wellness, including blood health, free-flowing circulation, cardiac energy and helping to maintain blood pressure already within normal range

Anti-Aging support for more youthful kidney function

“Aging is a major cause of all kidney concerns. Kidney Advance’s targeted anti-aging support helps to protect kidney cell structure and maintain kidney cell energy against age-related decline.

For more anti-aging support, add-on Kidney Prime. Its herbal extracts fight kidney aging via genetic and logenvity pathways that complement Kidney Advance.” ~ Duncan C.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

Universal Antioxidant protects kidney health & vitality

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is an amino acid derivative with powerful antioxidant activity. NAC is also an antioxidant enhancer. NAC’s strong and versatile antioxidant activity has been suggested to help protect kidneys. However, emerging research now suggests NAC may also support kidney function by maintaining renal microcirculation.

NAC Kidney Support

  • NAC has been shown in human research to improve residual renal function in kidney patients
  • Used by healthcare professionals as a kidney-protective therapy adjunct to conventional therapies
  • Helps to raise antioxidant enzyme glutathione, which is severely impaired in kidney patients
  • May protect the kidneys from damage associated with unhealthy blood sugar levels
  • Suggested to support cardiovascular health in kidney patients
  • Shown to protect kidneys and liver during surgery

Animal Research: In animal research, NAC has been linked to improved kidney microcirculation, higher kidney filtration rate, reduced toxin content in the kidneys and improved kidney weight.

Antioxidant/Anti-Aging: NAC possesses potent antioxidant power and unique Universal solubility that enables it to fight free radicals in all parts of the cell. It also helps to increase levels of kidney-protective glutathione enzyme.

Cardiovascular: NAC may play a role in helping to maintain both blood pressure and blood lipid levels that are already within normal range. It has also been shown to promote blood vessel relaxation (via nitric oxide), support normal blood flow.

R-Lipoic Acid + NAC have been studied in combination.

Clinical study researchers have reported that R-Lipoic Acid + NAC co-administration to patients with degenerative brain concerns was associated with decreased oxidative stress and apoptosis (cell death) markers in fibroblasts (connective tissue cells).

PLUS: BioPerine® Black Pepper 100:1 Extract

Bioenhancer improves nutrient absorption & bioavailability

The dried berrylike fruit of the Piper nigrum vining plant that is native to India, black pepper is most popularly known in modern times as a culinary spice. However, black pepper also has an important role in folk wellness practices with origins in ancient history, including a vaunted place in India’s Ayurvedic health system.

Now, black pepper extract as BioPerine® is prized as a bioenhancer that can improve absorption and bioavailability of other nutrients. Bioavailability refers to how much of an active ingredient reaches the bloodstream.

Patented, purified and extensively researched, BioPerine® is also highly purified and extensively researched. In one clinical study, BioPerine® was found to increase CoQ10 bioavailability by up to 30%.

BioPerine® is the key to CoQ10’s effectiveness in Kidney Advance. CoQ10 is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. CoQ10 absorption challenges worsen with advancing age. BioPerine® can help to maximize CoQ10’s kidney-supportive activity, as well as enhance absorption of other nutrients..

BioPerine® May Boost Kidney Advance CoQ10 Bioavailability by up to 30%

Researchers have reported that 120 mg CoQ10 + 5 mg BioPerine® taken for 21 days produced a significant 30% increase in CoQ10 blood levels (compared to placebo).

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For enhanced kidney health support, take Kidney Advance with Kidney Prime. These two Kygenesis formulas are designed to be taken together. Kidney Prime complements Kidney Advance’s energizing antioxidant activity with holistic herbal support for kidney health, kidney function and overall wellness.

Next Day Shipping

Next Day Shipping
orders ship within 24 hrs

Savings on all Bulk Orders

Up to 30% Savings
on all Subscriptions

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No, you can only buy Kidney Advance right here. The Amazon marketplace is cluttered with inferior quality kidney supplements that muddy the waters and make it harder for people to find formulas that work. We feel it is important to sell Kidney Advance on our own website, only, because this enables us to share far more information than Amazon would ever allow. This is crucial because information is the key to kidney health. Our site is more than Kidney Advance; it is a valuable resource for anyone with kidney concerns… whether they are interested in Kidney Advance or not. Kidney health is best achieved with a holistic approach that includes lifestyle, diet, stress management, and more. Amazon is just a store. www.kidneycoach.com gives you resources that can do so much more.

















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