Duncan is a fully qualified Naturopath. He is a co-founder of a leading wellness clinic in Melbourne, with a remarkable 13 natural health therapists practicing together and helping thousands of patients achieve their goals.

He has completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, along with Diplomas in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. And, he has trained in Craniosacral Therapy, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, and more.

He blends his unique holistic skills with science and research … often drawing upon specific diagnostic tests to help you understand the root cause of your condition.

As Duncan is a second generation Naturopath, health and wellness has been the foundation of his whole life.

He regularly presents to the community on a variety of health topics … but he is particularly interested in kidney disease.

This passion arose through his concern for his many clients who were presenting with symptoms. He knew that he needed to find a solution that would help these people get their lives back on track … not just in the short term, but for the rest of their lives.

He wanted to do this without relying on potentially harmful drugs and other toxins that are prevalent in everyday living. Thankfully for the many people who have discovered Duncan’s work, he has been able to guide sufferers back to vital health using a multi-pronged approach to healing with kidney disease:

Specific herbs
Minerals and vitamins
Relaxation and meditation
Balanced lifestyle
Gentle, regular exercise
4 Phase Healing Protocol unique to kidney disease

Please visit our testimonials to see what former kidney disease sufferers have said about Duncan’s amazing work with kidney disease. The results speak for themselves.

You can purchase “The Kidney Disease Solution” with complete confidence in Duncan’s holistic training, research and development skills and his gifted ability to guide you to a successful outcome with your health.

The Kidney Disease Solution

Kidney Disease Solution is a step-by-step guide to healthy lifestyle changes that restore kidney function and recover your body’s natural energy and vitality. Live life to the full, get your solution today.

Live life to the full, get your solution today.


“The Kidney Disease Solution has already given many people greater control over their kidney function, helping them live fuller lives. Here is what some people had to say about the solution…”

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