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Kidney News Weekly #3: A Round Up of the Top 8 Kidney News Stories


Welcome to my third edition of News Weekly! The place where I do a round-up of all the top stories related to kidneys, kidney health and kidney disease for the week.

This edition covers many interesting stories where you will discover how low levels of vitamin D are linked to kidney disease complications, new insights into the cause of chronic inflammation in kidney disease sufferers, how gene mutations may hold the key for a certain kidney disease, a mystery kidney disease epidemic in Central America, among many others.

…There are plenty of interesting and eye-opening news stories below that will both help and inform you.

Here are the top 8 news stories for the week:

News Story #1

Gene mutations play a major role in 1 cause of kidney disease …
Mutations in a gene called INF2 are by far the most common cause of a dominantly inherited condition that leads to kidney failure, according to a study appearing in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American …

News Story #2

Low Vitamin D Linked to Kidney Disease Complications in Children
CINCINNATI—Vitamin D deficiency is more common in children who suffer from kidney disease and contributes to thyroid problems and inflammation. These findings were published online ahead of print in the journal Kidney International. …

News Story #3

Scientists discover new susceptibility genes for kidney disease
Singapore and Chinese scientists have identified new susceptibility genes for a specific kidney disease and found risk variants that could influence the clinical symptoms of patients. Their discovery is related to the disease immunoglobulin A …

News Story #4

Mystery Kidney Disease in Central America
Kidney disease has killed so many men here that locals now call their community not simply La Isla – which means “The Island” – but La Isla de las Viudas – “The Island of the Widows.” The epidemic extends far beyond Nicaragua. It’s prevalent along the …

News Story #5

Scientists Identify Potential Drug Target For Kidney Cancer
by VR Sreeraman on December 31, 2011 at 1:21 PM Drug News Scientists have laid the foundation of completely understanding the intricacies of distinct kidney cancer subtypes, which could lead to better treatments for the disease. …

Red meat in Kidney disease, red meat and CKD, protein in CKD

News Story #6

Another Problem With Red Meat: It Might Lead to Kidney Cancer
By Genevra Pittman Red meat is an important source of protein, but eating too much of it could result in various health problems, including renal cancer. People who eat lots of red meat may have a higher risk of some types of kidney cancer, …

News Story #7

Comment: I find this one of the most interesting of all the news stories listed here. In naturopathic philosophy the digestive system is seen as the “seat” of health, and many, many disorders (seemingly unrelated) stem from an unhealthy digestive tract. This usually occurs because of harmful microbes entering the digestive tract. Now kidney disease may be other condition to add to this list of known conditions.

Chronic Kidney Disease-related Inflammation’s Key Cause, Identified

by Nancy Needhima on December 16, 2011 at 8:49 PM General Health News Vital source of inflammation found in chronic kidney disease patients, which is increasingly common due to obesity-related diabetes and hypertension has been unveiled by UC Irvine …

News Story #8

Comment: A great online tool for those struggling with managing their kidney disease diet.

New web resource helps kidney patients with complex burden of diet planning
Foods that most of us are urged to eat — fruits and vegetables, brown rice and whole grain pastas — are not kidney diet friendly. Even something as simple as mashed potatoes are a no-no, unless the water is changed several times during the boiling, …

I would really like  to hear some of your thoughts and comments on these news stories, so please tell me what you think. What story did you find the most interesting? Thought provoking? Or useful?

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To YOUR amazing health in 2012!

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