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Kidney News Weekly #2: A Round Up of the Top 6 Kidney News Stories


Welcome to my second edition of News Weekly! The place where I do a round up of all the top stories related to kidneys, kidney health and kidney failure for the week.

The featured news stories for this week cover everything from a potential new treatment that may halt the progression of kidney failure; feel-good stories where family members give their loved ones a new lease of life; clinical studies on how diet impacts the progression of kidney failure, and many more. But rather than me tell you about them…

Here are the top 5 stories for the week:


News Story #1

Research aims to prevent diabetic kidney failure
The enzyme arginase-2 plays a major role in kidney failure, and blocking the action of this enzyme might lead to protection against renal disease in diabetes, according to researchers. “We believe these arginase inhibitors may be one of the new targets …

News Story #2

Comment: Here are two articles on the same story. The first is for the more technically minded, the second is in plain English. The articles are another great example of the power that diet has on the human body in preventing and treating kidney disease.

Intensive treatment preserves kidney function in patients with type 1 diabetes

“Our primary outcome was an estimated GFR less than 60 milliliters per minute, which represents a substantial loss of kidney function and is known to confer an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death; essentially, it’s stage-III chronic …

Intense Kidney Protection

People can develop end-stage renal disease (the complete or almost complete failure of the kidneys) when they have an impaired glomerular filtration rate (GFR) – the volume of fluid filtered from the kidney. Dr. de Boer and colleagues wanted find out …

News Story #3

Comment: A lesson on NEVER giving up.

A donation of a lifetime: Local woman donates kidney to her cousin
Four years ago Jan’s kidneys began to be affected, not an uncommon side effect from the diabetes. She soon was legally blind. The hikes up Mount LeConte, the camping trips, the time on the lake — activities the two liked to share — were over. …

News Story #4

Comment: Medical advancements.

Kidney-friendly stent being tested
The Ventana Fenestrated Stent Graft System, in white, allows blood to keep flowing to the kidneys after it is used to repair an aneurysm in the area of the abdominal aorta. Following training sessions for researchers this month at the Methodist …

News Story #5

Comment: If only these people knew the true value of their own kidneys.

Kidney trading gang jailed for 5 to 6 years

CAN THO — The People’s Court in Can Tho City on Tuesday sentenced four members of a kidney-trading ring to prison for five to six years each on charges of “organising people to flee the country”. Organ trading is a crime in Vietnam, but in this case, …

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