Senescent cells, Senolytics and renal and kidney disease

Senescent Cells, Their Role in Kidney Disease & How to Manage Them

What are Senescent Cells? The definition senescent literally means the condition or process of deterioration with age. In biology, senescence is a process by which …

Quercetin & its Role in Supporting Healthy Kidney Function

Inflammation is a word we hear a lot in the world today and with good reason. It is well known to be a driver in …

COVID-19 and CKD, renal failure

COVID-19 and Kidney Disease – What Do We Know Now?

We’re now a year and a half into the global pandemic that is COVID-19. A virus that has changed the way we live, work, connect …

Bupleurum and kidney disease

Bupleurum & its Clinical Use in Kidney Disease

Bupleurum falcatum, commonly known as just Bupleurum, is a woody shrub native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Medicinally it is the root of the …

COVID-19, SARS CO2, Renal failure, Kidney disease, ACE receptors, SARS, Virus, Kidney Function

Why Does COVID-19 Affect Those With Chronic Kidney Disease?

The topic of COVID-19 is all around us at the moment (and with good reason!) and you’ve likely heard that people with pre-existing health conditions …

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