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Kidney Function

Kidney disease is a generalised term given to those ailments that impact kidney function negatively. Lowered kidney function is easily treated in most cases with natural medicine, even though there is little knowledge of this in the broader community – much of this has to do with the fact that western medicine does not yet have any answers; it is my wish that this global mis-information soon changes.

Lowered kidney function can be caused by a number of factors, those including: Kidney stones; Kidney infections; High blood pressure; High blood sugar; Pharmaceutical drugs, Heavy metals; and many more.

Below is a collection of articles I have written specifically on kidney improving function to help you reverse your damage and get your life back. It is my wish that you receive all the information and tools you need to make this possible. Welcome to my blog.

The Definitive Guide To Dialysis: Types Of Dialysis, Indications, Side-Effects And More

I would like to introduce to you to registered nurse, Lynda Lampert. I’ve invited Lynda to share some of her experiences and knowledge as a nurse in a busy city hospital for today’s article on all things ‘dialysis’. I’ve never accepted a guest post on this blog before, but when I have access to someone […]

Is Your “Diet” Harming Your Kidneys?

You have kidney disease, you want to eat healthy, and you’ve been told one of the best ways to do so is to eat a low sugar diet. In an effort to do so you turn to “diet” drinks (and foods), you look at the nutritional panel and see there are ZERO sugars present in […]

Baked Quinoa and Broccoli Frittata

Hello! Today I like to share with you a healthy and delicious recipe that not only will make your taste buds sing, but will also be protective of your kidney function and help support tissue alkalinity. I know for many eating a healthy kidney diet can be the struggle, and so I hope this recipe […]

The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Chronic Renal Failure (Part 2)

This article is a continuation of my previous article entitled The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Chronic Renal Failure (Part 1), in this article I continue where I left off and detail letters N through to Z. Enjoy…   N is for Natural Treatments Ahhh my favourite topic! I LOVE natural medicines; there is […]

The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Chronic Renal Failure (Part 1)

In today’s article I want to talk to you about chronic renal failure; what it is, what causes it, the best blood tests, and a whole lot more. However, today I want to do something a little different, I want to break it down in to an A to Z guide so you can quickly […]