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Kidney Disease Diet

You cannot underestimate the power of food on the human body, food is medicine, food literally becomes you, food and diets have been proven time and time again to be as effective at healing certain conditions, equal to or greater, than medications. Therefore great care needs to be taken in following a kidney disease diet in order to get your kidneys back to their best possible health.

The problem with a kidney disease diet however, is that it requires a great change in eating habits for most people. It is not just a change in the foods you eat, it really needs to be a change in lifestyle. For a lot of people this seems to difficult… will you be one of them? I hope not, because the evidence that shows how powerful a kidney disease diet is for repairing kidney damage is irrefutable.

To make this journey a whole lot easier I decided to write a number of top quality articles (below) within my blog to guide you along the way. So dig deep in to my archives and start applying the life giving information stored within. You won’t regret it!

Bon appétit.

Potassium Leaching – Study Shows Not All Leaching Methods Work

Just thought I would tell you about this really cool study I saw today. Some of you may already know that one of the key nutrients to avoid in kidney disease is potassium (from food). Now potassium is an essential nutrient, and in particular a VERY good nutrient for the heart – in fact, one […]

Falafel with Roasted Eggplant Salad

This recipe I thought I would share is great for everybody; it is vegetarian friendly, high in fibre, low GI (therefore great for kidney diabetes too), highly alkaline, and packed full of nutrients that your body, and kidneys, will thank you for. Oh yes, and very delicious! Here’s what you do… Cooking & preparation time: […]

Buckwheat Pancakes with Raspberries, Walnuts and Maple Syrup

Hi guys! You’re going to L.O.V.E. this recipe. It makes me feel good just looking at it (i.e. salivate)! And the great thing is is that it actually is really beneficial for your kidneys. Here’s why: 1. The overall effect of this recipe on the body is alkalising – which is one of the most […]

Asparagus, Green Bean, and Lemon Zest Salad

Kidney tonifying asparagus and beans, team up in this satisfying salad that’s as delicious as it is healthy. I came across this delicious recipe not too long ago and just had to share. Not only is it beneficial for your kidneys but is also really tasty. Both asparagus and green bean are renowned for their […]

Top 11 Superfoods List – To Supercharge Your Meals At Home

Wouldn’t you love to access your fridge at home, like a mechanic accesses his toolbox, to heal yourself as he would ‘heal’ his car? Sounds impossible right? Well it’s not. Through today’s research a lot of the old anecdotes are now confirmed if not exceeded in their validity.  We all heard the sayings “Eat your […]