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Kidney Diet

To achieve the best possible health care, and give you the best chance of reversing you kidney disease for good, a specific kidney diet is paramount.

Following a kidney diet plan can be at times challenging, but I can say with much certainty that once you have a ‘handle’ on it you will not look back and your health will be light years from where are reading this today.

Therefore it is my hope that the information below (and through my entire site) will serve you well and provide you all the necessary means to start you on the road to health and get you eating (and enjoying) the right foods to heal your kidneys.

Bon appetit!

Baked Quinoa and Broccoli Frittata

Hello! Today I like to share with you a healthy and delicious recipe that not only will make your taste buds sing, but will also be protective of your kidney function and help support tissue alkalinity. I know for many eating a healthy kidney diet can be the struggle, and so I hope this recipe […]

Kidney Diet – The Best Diet for Kidney Disease Sufferers?

Hey Guys! I just finished my first experiment with video! I have been meaning to do this for A-G-E-S and now I have finally done it! I have posted my 9 minute presentation on YouTube (which discusses the best kidney diet for kidney disease), placed it on here, and now I urge you to go […]

The Definitive Guide on Protein and Kidney Disease

Hi all! Today I wanted to talk about protein. Protein as most would know is at the heart of much discussion when it comes to treating and managing kidney disease, but for many it still remains a mystery. Questions such as: Does protein cause further kidney damage? How much should I take during each stage […]

Kidney Disease Diet: Would You Like Kidney Disease With That…?

Fast-food. I know it sure is convenient, and there sure is something satisfying about hoeing into your favourite fast-food. But the fact of the matter is, that fast food is, well, garbage. Shocked? I’m sure. *Sheepishly* For me, my weakness is fish and chips. Can’t get enough of that golden fried goodness :-). Though I […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Asparagus To Halt Your Kidney Disease

Asparagus has been used as a medicinal food/herb since before the time of Christ; even its botanical name points to this, Asparagus officinalis. Officinalis is given in acknowledgment to its “official” use as a therapeutic herb. This highly sought after and valued herb is native to both European and Asian cultures; and this is shown […]