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Kidney Failure Symptoms Checklist: How Are Your Kidneys Really?


If you suspect kidney disease, or have kidney disease, this may be the most important article you have read on the topic of kidney failure symptoms. I say this because unlike many articles on the internet regarding kidney failure symptoms, this article will help you assess the state of your kidney health via an online self-check list; rather than just listing a bunch of random symptoms, which will give you no guidance or direction.

But I before I go on any further, and this may seem counter-productive, I must state that any method of non-laboratory diagnosis has its flaws. So whatever ever method you may be using, whether it be my self-check list below, medical questionnaire assessments, iridology, TCM analysis, computerised electro scanners, or psychics, nothing will accurately diagnose your condition like proper blood work. If you suspect you have kidney disease, or are experiencing any type of symptoms that you are unsure about, please see your doctor immediately – no matter what these methods tell you.

…It is important to first note that many kidney failure symptoms could be easily confused with any number of illnesses, and this is because many of the initial kidney disease symptoms are superficial and wide-ranging. Therefore listing a bunch of symptoms in no order is pointless, you may have some symptoms, but how can you be certain the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by kidney disease?

It is this vagueness that I hope to eradicate (to the best of my ability) by providing a self-check list and a grading system, and, I hope by informing the wider public of the symptoms of this disease I can help many people avert its ‘silent’ progression.

The Kidney Failure Symptoms Self-Check List

How to use the kidney symptoms checklist:

  1. Scan the list of renal failure symptoms below, and circle the corresponding number (to the right) of each symptom you have experienced in the past 14 days.
  2. Once completed, add up all the numbers you have circled.
  3. Cross check the total number against the ‘Kidney Failure Symptoms Grading Index’ to find out your likelihood of kidney disease.