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Top 7 Tips to Relieve Itching Skin In Kidney Disease Fast

kidneys itching

Kidney disease is an unpleasant condition at the best of times (to say the least), particularly when the symptoms of kidney disease creep in un-expectantly. Symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness (even when walking to the letter box), dry skin, urination changes, gout, thirst, sore back, just to name a few. But one of the most exasperating symptoms undoubtedly is itchy skin (kidneys itching).

Kidney disease and itching (pruritus) unfortunately go hand in hand because of the build up of phosphates (phosphorus) and uremic toxins. Uremia is the build up of nitrogenous waste products in the blood (urea) that are typically eliminated via the urine. But because the kidneys and not functioning as well as they could, they are unable to eliminate all of the waste products.

But not to worry, Nature has our back! Nature has provided us many real solutions in helping reduce the itchiness.

Here are my top 7 natural treatments for kidney disease and itching:

1.      The number 1 most important thing you can do is to treat your kidneys as a whole. You can’t just slap on a cream and hope that is all you need to do. Yes it may help, but are you really healing? No. Just masking. And yes even if it is a “natural” cream you are still “masking”.
There are many things you can do to heal yourself and turn the tables in your favour, even if it is just to prevent any further deterioration; eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, take supplements such as fish oil, vitamin C (less than 1.5g a day), glycine, cordyceps (and that is just the tip of the iceberg), and practice mindfulness (meditation – mindset). You’ll be amazed at the turn around.

2.      Chickweed: Chickweed is a fabulous plant, and is probably the best plant to reduce itchiness in any type of condition. Mainly used in conditions such as eczema and dermatitis where itchiness is involved, you will find it a soothing and healing cream for the skin. Normally available in most health stores where it is ready made into a cream, ointment, or salve. Otherwise search online where you will sure to find this fabulous cream (please do not take this herb internally). Note: Aloe Vera gel (the one you use for sunburn) could also be a suitable topical skin remedy, though try Chickweed cream first.