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Free Tips to Eliminate Urinary Tract Infections the Fast and Easy Way … Naturally

First of all I would like to say … Merry Christmas!!! Thank you to all of you who have wished me happy holidays too. I REALLY appreciate it. I also want to thank all of you who have supported me and my blog throughout this year. Again, I REALLY appreciate it!

OK today I thought I would hone in on something that is often a result of over indulgence, and since it is Christmas … well, it is perfect.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs/cystitis) are common place over the holiday season, or any celebration, because what we consider is party food, is also ‘party’ food for the little bugs that live within us. Shame.

As you may be aware one of the top causes of kidney failure, especially acute kidney failure (aka acute renal failure), is infection of the kidneys. Now this can occur for a number of reasons: imbalance of good to bad bacteria, kidney drainage problem (often caused by under functioning bladder, or damaged ureters), diet, and the like. So when you incur a urinary tract infection it is best to turn to natural medicines to get on top of it quick smart.

With that all being said here are my top 5 natural remedies to eliminate urinary tract infections fast:

1.      D-Mannose: still not a well known product, but it is slowly making its way into the main stream as an effective agent for eliminating UTIs on the back of many clinical studies. D-Mannose is a sugar that is easily absorbed in the body, where its main action is to inhibit the adhesion of the bacteria E. coli. The great news is this has been shown to significantly reduce bacteria in the urine within 1 day.

2.      Cranberry: is probably the most well known natural medicine that treats UTIs, and like D-Mannose its action is also by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria along the urinary tract. Studies have shown that cranberry juice can inhibit up to 75% of bacteria sticking the bladder surface.

Top 10 Tips On How To Get A Deep, Restful Sleep

How to get to sleep

Those suffering from kidney disease, or any chronic illness, need quality sleep to help maintain and aid the healing process. Unfortunately, this is an often over looked principle for great health. Thankfully, it was hit home again to me at a seminar that I attended on the weekend.

Dr. Craig Hassad from Monash University (Melbourne) presented and amazingly holistic approach to chronic illness; everything from stress management, spirituality, exercise, nutrition, and environmental factors were covered. One section of the talk particularly pricked my ears up. Dr. Craig stated that if the drug companies could bottle the benefits of sleep (and exercise for that matter), then a drug trial for one person, for one year, would cost in excess of $100,000 … And that is without exaggeration.

Consider these stats for increasing Advanced NK-cell Activity (=immune function) through sleep. Adequate sleep increases the activity of the immune system by a whopping 44%! And this is only out done by exercise (47%), and stress management (45%). Makes you think what all the fuss is about when scientists are high-fiving each other when they get and improvements of 2-4% through drugs, doesn’t it? Especially when it is available to all of us for free.

Insomnia (lack of sleep) occurs when the body and mind are in a state of alertness. Overactivity during the day often persists at night in the form of restless or broken sleep.

So today I thought I would share my top 10 tips for a deep, restful sleep (and they won’t cost you a penny):

Remember that habits are as hard to form as they are to break, so put each hint into practice for at least ten consecutive nights (preferably twenty one nights) before discarding this as “not for me”.

1. Notify your health practitioner of medical conditions which might interfere with sleep such as asthma, heart burn, angina, arthritis, pain or breathlessness under treatment.

Kidney Coach – Coaching Is Not (Just) For Sports

Kidney Coach

What’s the first thing you think about when I mention the word coach? … Sport isn’t it? Same with me if you asked a couple of years back… Today I have a completely new perspective. Thankfully.

Three years ago my wife Fiona and I decided we wanted to create a wellness clinic in Melbourne, Australia – this was a logical choice for us since we were both naturopath’s. After 12 months of perseverance (blood, sweat and LOTS of tears) we realised there had to be an easier way. “Why struggle?” we thought. Thankfully at this stage of our life we had realised that life is meant to be EASY.  That is not to say without challenges, but we just felt like we were spinning our wheels in quick sand. HELP!!

We knew where we wanted to take the clinic, but needed a guide and a firm grip of the fundamentals of business (we never owned a business before – and they certainly don’t teach this in schools) to get us there, but how?

Thankfully Fiona had previous experience in two highly successful clinics, one in Melbourne, the other in Canada. Both of these had one thing in common. Business coaches. Thankfully being new business owners with no perceived ideas or notions on how to run a business, hiring a business coach seemed like a sensible and normal thing to do.  That’s what most people do, right?

Details aside, over the period of months we, with our business coach, completely changed our lives and business. No longer were we a slave to the business, we were now its master. The revenue tripled and we finally got some breathing space. A business coach was the best thing we could ever have done for our business, health, marriage, and life.

The Game Changer

Welcome To

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am so excited to be writing this very first post, on what I hope will become a valued resource and leading authority on treating, managing, and healing kidney disease, naturally.

This post is a long time coming for me, over the last couple of years I have been spending my time treating, researching, writing, and testing everything natural for kidney health. Not to say my journey is complete, far from it, I will be learning as you learn, growing as you grow, knowing always that practice and knowledge makes perfect. And let’s face it, treating kidney disease effectively both medically and naturally is still in its infancy. So I am sure I will be enlightened just as much as you will, along this journey.

So what can you expect from the blog each week? Well each week I will be endeavouring to post a minimum of three to four articles; everything to delicious recipes that are beneficial to kidney health, the latest research on kidney disease (both medical and natural), the basics of good health and nutrition, how to diagnose kidney disease effectively, what causes kidney disease and how to prevent them, natural medicines that help start the healing process of kidney disease, product reviews and recommendations, achieving health in all areas of life (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and a whole lot more!