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KidneyCoach.com is a blog created to help people, like you, achieve health and happiness in all areas of their life through the creation of powerful free content (articles, videos, and audio) each week. More specifically, this blog is about providing powerful content to help those with kidney disease to manage it more effectively, reduce symptoms, or reverse their condition completely… Yes completely.

Using articles, videos and audios, everything will be covered: latest scientific studies, ancient remedies from age old wisdom, mindset and healing, food as medicine, recipes, and lots of other helpful advice for kidney disease and general wellness for everyone. Please make your way through the resource archives to find whatever it is you need. They are all completely free.

Fresh content is added regularly including, how-to instructional articles and videos dealing with treatment options, diet, management, and symptoms, as well as current hot topics like latest research and medicines.

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Who Is Duncan Capicchiano?
Hi, I’m Duncan Capicchiano and I’m the writer and naturopath behind KidneyCoach.com.

From an early age I have grown up with health in my veins. My mother a naturopath (and homeopath) helped me realize my passion for helping others heal themselves – I remember watching and pondering what she was up to as she treated clients within our home clinic. My first formal education in natural therapies started back in 2000 when I started my Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at (Endeavor College in Melbourne, Australia). So since 2000 I have been helping others reach their health goals and I haven’t looked back since. For well over a decade now I have actively been practicing as a naturopath, treating clients on day-by-day basis in clinic, and most importantly learning through experience.

My wife and I (my wife is also a naturopath) founded and created one of Australia’s premier wellness clinics. Together with 13 other practitioners we literally helped thousands, and thousands of people. One of the achievements I am most proud of.

Today I currently teach people how to heal themselves from kidney disease through my The Kidney Disease Solution program (www.BeatKidneyDisease.com), which has already helped thousands of people the world over. My motivation to develop this program, and make it widely available was due to the fact that my wife’s Grandmother was diagnosed with kidney disease condition 3 years back. Wanting more than anything to help her, my wife and I researched and put to the test all our findings, thankfully 6 months later we able to announce that she no longer had kidney disease… And so my Kidney Disease Solution program was born, and my passion to get this information out there as much as possible.

If you’re ready to take action and eager to learn, you can go through my blog and learn what I did, simply by reading the archives in this website, then replicate what I did to start healing your kidneys today.

My Qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • CranioSacral Therapy Level I
  • Reiki Level II

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