7 Easy Ways To Lower Creatinine Levels Naturally

creatinine levels

I get asked a lot about creatinine; what is it, what causes high creatinine levels, and how to lower it naturally? It’s understandable, creatinine levels are looked upon as the best determining factor of the health of your kidneys, and is routinely tested for and discussed by your doctor.

But I must warn you, lowering creatinine SHOULD NOT be your ultimate goal, it is only secondary to the bigger picture… (keep reading to find out why).

So What is Creatinine?

•    Creatinine is a waste product of the major energy metabolite creatine.
•    Normal creatinine serum blood levels are:
–    0.6 to 1.2 mg/dl in males (53 to 106 umol/L)
–    0.5 to 1.1 mg/dl in females (44 to 97 umol/L)
•    Creatinine is usually found in higher quantities (within the blood) in young adults, and lesser quantities in the elderly.
•    Those with one kidney will have higher than “normal” levels of creatinine circulating in their blood (roughly 1.8 mg/dl or 160 umol/L).
•    Creatinine can be tested for via a blood sample or via a urine sample. On its own a blood sample is more accurate than a urine sample, though combining them together to form what is called a creatinine clearance test (both blood and urine) is the most accurate test.
•    High creatinine levels occur due to any number of diseases that cause the kidneys to shut down, including dehydration, shock, congestive heart failure, and bladder outlet obstruction.
•    There are no definitive symptoms that are caused by high creatinine levels, though the following could be possibly linked: fatigued, shortness of breath, feeling dehydrated, and confusion.

Interesting stuff? Great! I hope you won’t be disappointed then when I say to you “let’s move on to the next section”, because you have learnt all there is (worth) to know about creatinine. I would like to tell you more about creatinine, but really that is all you need to know. That’s the crux of it.

What I would really like to discuss next is the substance that creatinine is a by-product of… creatine.

If you are a gym junkie, or know someone that is, you probably have come across creatine before. Creatine is touted by many body builders as the best natural substance for increasing energy reserves – especially for the explosive sports (because of its role in ATP production).

Creatine is naturally produced by the body and the majority of it is stored within the muscles (up to 95%). The body does this through the synthesis of the amino acids L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine via the liver, and because the body can make its own, creatine itself is not essential in the diet. The dietary source of creatine however is any animal meat, such as beef, chicken, and fish. Providing up to 1 gram a day of creatine for the typical “meat-eater”.

As previously mentioned, creatine has a key role to play in the production of ATP. This occurs in the most important energy pathway of the body, known as the Kreb’s Cycle, or the Citric Acid Cycle.  The average human body uses over 2000mg of creatinine a day to fuel this important biochemical pathway, for the purposes of producing the most vital energy source of the body.

… OK, so now that we understand a little more about creatine, and that creatine is a necessary molecule, we can now delve a little deeper into creatinine levels and how to lower them.

The Importance of Creatinine Levels

After many years study, and lengthy clinical trials, creatinine was found to be the best indicator of kidney function. Why? Well, there are a few reasons for this, and they are as follows:
1.    Creatinine is produced in a relatively constant rate – (expect during strenuous exercise where it increases*)
2.    Creatinine is mainly eliminated from the body via the kidneys
3.    Creatinine has virtually no reabsorption within the kidneys – meaning there no recycling of creatinine back into the blood stream. Reabsorption would cause a skew in the results, making this molecule a poorer choice for assessing kidney function.

* Here’s a tip, next time you have your renal function checked make sure you abstain for any strenuous exercise beforehand as this will give you false decrease in renal function.

As you can see the very nature of this molecule and the way the body handles it makes it a perfect choice to assess kidney function, but more importantly, I hope this demonstrates one important factor that I have been eluding to: Lowering creatinine levels should not be your end goal, because it is just a measure of kidney function, it is not the problem/cause of your kidney disease.

For example if there was a treatment to lower creatinine levels but it did nothing else, it wouldn’t be very beneficial treatment, right? Right. This is because you would still have under functioning kidneys, and as an example, possibly have high potassium, low vitamin d levels, and low haemoglobin levels.

So why write an article on how to lower creatinine levels naturally? Good question. Because I believe the real reason you typed in “creatinine levels” or “how to lower creatinine levels naturally” into Google (or however you made your way here) is that you REALLY want to improve and increase your kidney function. You probably don’t even really care about creatinine per say, you just want it to lower because it will indicate that your kidney health and kidney function is improving, and I right? I hope so.

7 Easy Ways to Lower Creatinine Levels (and Improve Kidney Function) Naturally

Alrighty here they are, what I have put together is some really easy tips you can put into practice straight away to help boost your kidney function, while having a direct impact on your creatinine blood levels.

1. Vegetarian diet: By consuming a largely plant based diet you will be helping your body in a few distinct ways
–    Dietary sources of creatine and creatinine are only found within animal products, therefore you will be reducing the burden of “extra” creatine and creatinine circulating through your blood by eating a largely plant based diet.
–    Clinical studies show that the consumption of red meat is detrimental to the health of kidneys, see my article here.
–    Plant based diets have show to reduce all the major risk factors of kidney disease. E.g. diabetes,  and high blood pressure (hypertension).
–    Dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice cream, butter) have been shown in clinical studies to exacerbate kidney disease.
–    Among many other reasons…

2. Avoid creatine supplements: not only do high doses of this large molecule cause kidney problems (because of its large size it can cause the kidneys to swell), but by supplying the body with extra creatine, you will cause more creatine to be spontaneously converted to the by-product creatinine.

3. Avoid strenuous physical activity: thereby decreasing the breakdown of creatine into creatinine.

4. Nettle leaf tea: drink 1 to 2 cups a day. Nettle leaf tea is a simple yet powerful kidney tonic that can improve kidney function and reduce serum creatinine levels. (Tip: Double check that it is the leaf and not the root, the leaf if for your kidneys, the root is for male prostate disorders)

5. Avoid the over consumption of Vanadium: Although very beneficial for the body, particularly for diabetes and blood sugar problems, over consumption of the mineral vanadium has been linked to increased blood creatinine levels (stay under 100mcg a day).

6. Alpha lipoic acid: This is a fantastic nutrient! And one that I recommend every kidney disease sufferer begin right away. It helps provide energy to the kidneys, it helps nutrialise toxins to make them harmless to the body (so elimination does not damage the kidneys), it helps improve kidney function, and of course helps lower creatinine levels. If you would like to know more info on alpha lipoic acid, please check out my article here. I recommend a dosage of 300mg a day.

7. Chitosan: Chitosan maybe be better known for weight management, but believe it or not it has another trick up its sleeve. Chitosan supplementation in clinical studies reduced urea, creatinine and cholesterol levels in the blood, and increased haemoglobin production in patients with chronic kidney disease. I recommend a dosage of 1000-4000mg a day.

So there you have it, 7 great tips on how to lower creatinine levels naturally. I hope that these really help you. If you would like further tools to increase your kidney function and lower creatinine, then please sign up to my free kidney ecourse.

Once more I would love to hear from your thoughts and comments below, and please make sure you click the “LIKE” button below!

Wikipedia: level definition: a device for establishing a horizontal line or plane by means of a bubble in a liquid that shows adjustment to the horizontal by movement to the center of a slightly bowed glass tube.

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About the Author: Hello, my name is Duncan Capicchiano, I am the owner and creator of KidneyCoach.com. My professional background is Naturopathy, and I am also an International Author and Researcher that specialises in the treatment and management of kidney disease. My most famous work in kidney disease is The Kidney Disease Solution Program. Lastly - but most importantly - I am the loving "father" of my two dogs Ruby and Pebbles, my horse Cossie, and husband to my beautiful wife, Fiona.

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  1. Michael Yagappan says:

    Dear Duncan Capicchiano,

    I thank you very much for your kind tips about reducing creatinine levels and to improve kidney functions. My brother Mr. Arasu is a kidney patient and now undergoing regular dialysis every 10 days. I very much need your advice for him.I’ll try your tips and give you the feed back.

    Thank you

    With regards


    • My pleasure Michael. I wish much health to your brother.

      • Waqar says:

        Hi Duncan,
        My father (71 Years of age) was also recently diagnosed renal failure. He is now on dialysis regualarly twice a week.

        His pre-dialysis serum createnine is usually 7.8 to 8.5.

        I am afraid of getting him a transplant and therefore looking for some natural ways to bring his createnine down to 5 or under as the nephrologists say that if it gets to that number, it would be safe to get him off of dialysis.

        He already is not taking any meet or dairy products in his diet except for egg whites, just a little regular tea on daily basis and only fish and chicken meat as they say protiens are required for him.

        Please advise, your every word will count alot to me.


  2. Chandra says:

    My age is 29 and I weigh 74 Kgs. I do brisk walk every day about 5kms. My Sr Creatinine is between 1.1-1.2 in a span of 30 days and Blood Urea 17-25. Even though it is in the normal range should I be bothered about it being in the border.

    • Hi Chandra,
      Thanks for sropping by. I always like to err on the side of caution, so yes, I would go and have your kidneys checked out further. I would also recommend following some of the tips of this website to improve kidney function. Unless you have been recently ill lately, the kidneys generally to not show figures such as this unless there is something more going on.

      Play it safe. Get yourself checked out futher.


      • manju says:

        Hi Duncan,

        I am 29 years old and my creatinine level is between 1.1 to 1.2. I do moderate exercise. I had been nephro too. They did ultrasound too. Everything came normal. I was on antideppresant medicine for a while. My bp is normal. but my cholesterol is high 6.7. Is it because of high cholesterol my creatinine is high?


    • Manju says:

      Hi chandra, even I am 29 years old and weight is also same and even creatinine is same as you. Had gone through ultrasound also. No problems at all.

      Did you creatinine went low? If yes, wat did you do?

  3. steven w. miller says:

    dear duncan, i went to the urologis, and he gave me a enterococcus bacterial infection, after a painful but only 3min procedure. when the procedure dragged on 4 & 1/2 months later after very painful ejaculations, the hospital tests showed the infection, the nefrologis, told me i had 20% kidney function and later said it was 6 or 7% the doc wanted to stent, but i was afraid to allow this man to touch me again, so i ran to the walkin emergency and showed the labs and got macrobid, 500mg 3x a day the nef. told me it wasnt a good drug and thought i was allergic to penicillian, cause my mother thought maybe, and refused to give me a allergy test claiming, not reliable, so he gave me a prescription to zyvox, only $2.200,00 for 20 tablets. i couldnt afford it so i took the macrobid, waited 2 weeks thought all was over , dentist gave me amoxicillian for a tooth infection for 5 days and another 2 weeks the bacterial count was down to 40,000 perplexed , the bugs werent dead i found a rsvp free zyvox program phyzer, and took 8 days zyvox..that put me in the e.r with burning colon and stomach for 20hrs. and life threatening, 1 week later i had a no growth, but then felt irritations so took ampicillian for 10 more days. 2 weeks later the count went back to 75,000 almost infection levels, tears. the nef. told me not to take anymore anti bio or may become resistant. 1 month not taking and irritations in man area and crotch , horrible trying to go to sleep at night knowing you have a harmful patheogeon living and growing inside and nothing you could do..i would literally shake in fear, while before loved to sleep at night in peace and comfort. the nef . said the only way to rid the bugs would be to stent to get more function from my kidneys, another nef said if he stented it would be harder to rid the infection, and didnt want to treat the bacteria at all..i also wondered about spreading the enterococcus with the uritor open , they also mentioned it may not work, 1 nef. just wanted me to prep for dialysis, im 53 years old and felt relativly fine before the ” 3min.” just some fatigue normal blood pressure, had urital valve surgery at 9. years grew o.k at age23 stretched tissue for better void, and at 28 tophi gout, also body builded for 23years , anyway the 1 urologist said if i had infection i couldnt get a transplant. i didnt know what to do ,i went back to the dentist to clean out all infection in my mouth , the dentist pulled a tooth, i asked for a local antibiotic injection, he said he misunderstood, and i would have to go back on antibiotics so he put me on 2000mg amoxicillian after 6days and drinking floods of water my calves balooned a bit and i dropped the dose to 1000mg and less water, i told the nef . of dr fugazzotto long term antibiotic for the i.c patientts that seemed to be having some success ridding of the same bacteria enterococcus, and he agreed so 750mg. over 1month to 500mg over. another month i was pulling no growths but is that only because i still have the antibiotic in my system , i still felt irritations but the meds cleared up alot of it, also seeing a herbalist, now am confronted to drop the dose which i did to but my doseing was incorrect i was going 250mg 8 1/2hrs. 2x then 8 1/2hrs. omg. after 2cycles of this 250mg 81/2hrs to 12hrs 0mgs. then start the cycle over. some minor bug bite but felt pretty good. after doing this cycle 4 x i tried instead of 12hr 0mg to 16hr 0mg. had a urine, (real time) and it showed lukasytes white blood cells, which crushed me. the next day i had some real irritations, a lady who was a patient of fugazzotto said i should keep levels constant, so for 500mg. 250 ,125,125 8hrs each.so i did this and waited to see the full result of the last weeks lab showed no growth but the doc at a clinic not a uro or nef that as long as you have amoxicillian in you the no growths dont mean much, my creatinine was 4.5 in aug. 4.3 in oct 4 and shot up to 4.9 this oct 20. this also scared me but my blood pressure is good and sugar, fine, im actually on a sugar free diet from the herbalist to starve this bacteria, no vinegar, low carbs, (cant eat much protein) so its been salid, oats ,yougart. cheese, nuts. no mushrooms, suppose to not drink fruit juice, but i cheat. with vit c and oxygen drops, natto k surrepteste, l carnitine, cant drink wine to rid cholestrol or beer. the doc dont agree they feel i am growing a resistant enterococcus, but coming off just could bring on the infection and discomforts.. today im trying 125,125,125. everyone wants me off. but i still feel stuff here and there, how can i come off and suffer? thought best to taper. will drinking spring water and sauna help . feels good. im taking quite a battering. lost alot of weight, im taking the lipoic acid, in fact im taking so much stuff, i cant take it all every day. the herbs are golden seal, oregoanal drops and acidopholus, afraid to take to much of some stuff cranberry tabs. they say can cause stones. so i do a few in a day and quit, d manose for e coli, i lab said i had, but does d manose feed enterococcus? cant take iron with calcium. digestive enzymes, no all the time. if you take amoxicillian every 8 hrs. seems all the probiotic things are killed anyway and you would just have to flush it all out , working your system much, besides to expense $ probiotic drinks? and tabs. so how much is really enough. im fighting for my life, what would be your suggestion. stent. dialysis, how would you handel the bacteria and the problems and infection its causing. what to do. wits end, man. please do tell me.

  4. Rizwan Khan says:

    Dear Duncan

    In 2009 during my routine health check, i found creatinine 1.6 which I managed to reduced to 1.3 by adopting protein restricted diet chart.

    Now its very difficult for me to bring the level to 1.2 or normal, i go for monthly serum creatinine test and its usually level to 1.4 or 1.5.

    Thanks for your help and advises you mentioned in your above article.

    Rizwan Khan
    Karachi, Pakistan

  5. Shalu says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the information my cretenine is 11.9 and blood urea is 150 and hemoglobeen is 10.4 and i am taking normal diet and some homeopathic treatment.can i reduce cretenine by your suggestion.

  6. John Jennings says:

    Hi Duncan

    I went to my Dr on Sat 3/12/11 and had blood tests Urine tests and chest ex-rays and was told to go to the emergency room at my local hospital after a heave work out in the gym and when my results came back they were CK(9400) and the dr’s said they have never seen anything like this before ? have you seen these kinds of levels before and do you think this is a one off event as i am 34 years old weigh around 68 kg’s and would like to put on just a little more weight but am now afraid to do any kind of exercise due to not wanting to raise my levels again do you think this work out in the gym was the cause or do you think i have another problem i need to get checked out ?
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi John,
      Yes these are very high levels, but in some rare cases CK can reach 16,000. The main cause of high CK is some form of muscular condition/disease (e.g. muscular dystrophy, viral myositis, polymyositis), and heart attacks. Though hypothyroidism can also be another cause. It is hard to say the cause from here, but I definitely think you need to monitor this closely with your doctor of the next few weeks to see whether this was a “once off” or not. I recommend getting tested once a week for the next few weeks.

  7. John Jennings says:

    Thanks Duncan i will keep you informed, i will be going to see my Dr on Thursday for more tests and will let you know how i go ?

  8. Chandra says:

    Dear Mr Duncan,
    in India we get the Indian nettle – ACALYPHA INDICA. Can I use this against your recommended use of nettle leaf tea?

  9. Chandra says:

    Hi Mr Duncan,

    I tried locating few suppliers for nettle leaf tea but all their products are from Urtica dioica – Organic nettle. Is it the equivalent for Urtica urens? If no it will be very helpful if you can quote some references of supplier.

    • Hi Chandra,

      Excellent! That is the correct herb.

    • Abdullah Ansari says:

      Hi Chandra/Duncan,

      Can you please let me know the sources in and around India/Maharshtra/Pune for Nettle Leaf or Nettle leaf Tea. My creatinine has gone very high and GFR at veru low. Need to attempt Duncans solutions given in “beat kidney desease”

      Please help


  10. Connie says:

    Hi Duncan,

    My 86year old Mother has been taking salt pills 500mg for low sodium issues. Her sodium has been doing well around 133 however now her creatinine level has been going up and now as of Dec 1st her level is at 158. She also takes atacand for blood pressure. Do you have any suggestions for her???

    Thanks, Connie

  11. Prabhu says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post, it was really useful. I was diagnosed with Kidney Protein leak , creatinine level of 1.6 and secondary hyper tension , Also my nephrologists advised me to take diet with low protein and less sodium, phosphorus and potassium, nettle leaf tea good for kidney protein leak. Please advise me the ways to reduce kidney protein leak
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Country: India


    • Chandra says:

      Hi Prabhu, when were you diagonised proteinuria? What were the protein levels? What was your hypertension levels?

      • Ankur says:

        Hi Chandra,

        I have also been identified with Proteinuria and my creteatine level is 1.2 to 1.3.

        Protein in urine (24 Hrs)is around 550 which is 2+ as per the Urine RM report.

        Please let me know, how can i reduce protein leak in urine and my creteatine level to 0.9.

        I also experiencing a mild back pain since few days, not sure if this is because of Protein Leak.

        Also let me know if i am not correct, is the nettle leaf is Tej patta in hindi word.

        Please share your inputs on this.


      • Prabhu says:

        Thanks chandra,

        My Hypertension level is 130 – 90, will share the protein levels shortly

  12. Kala says:

    I am 21 years old with the Kidney disease Townes Brocks-Syndrome, last time I had my creatnine level checked it was 2.5 and I was hooked up to IV it was then lowered to 2.1 then 1.8, I’ve been hoping to get it to a safe level and not end up on dialysis yet, my mother and 17yr old brother are both on dialysis due to the same disease, thank you for your tips and hopefully I can try these and be able to be confident that I can be healthy instead of afraid of my disease.

    • Rakesh Ranjan says:

      Dear Kala,
      Congrats for bringing it down to 1.8. Wish you good luck and hope it goes to normal level. did you use nettle tea leaf? How many months did it take to bring it down from 2.5 to 1.8? Request you to share this info. Will help many kidney patients.


  13. Chandra says:

    Dear Mr. Prabhu, what is the level of protein leak meant in your message? When was your protein leak identified?


  14. Raj says:


    I really enjoy doing strenuous physical exercise cardiovascular fitness. Is there a way around it. With out make my Creatine Levels go high. I had a transplant kidney in Feb 1998 and i am male of 29 age.

    • Hi Raj,

      Personally I believe one should not stop exercise in the effort to reduce creatinine levels, as mentioned in the article, creatinine itself is not the problem. Creatinine is merely a marker OF the problem. Out of interest what do you consider “strenuous” exercise?

      • Raj says:

        The strenuous exercise is called Insanity workout. I really enjoy working out and feel alive and full of energy. I don’t whether I should continue as I don’t want my kidney to fail.

        Insanity workout is hardest workout you will put in your dvd player

  15. lanie says:

    hi duncan.. I am from the Philippines and I have serum creatinine level of 6.6… I’m interested in taking the nettle tea, the chitosin and the alpha lipoic acid but i dont know where to get it.thank you so much

    • Hi Lanie,

      No problem, checkout this site: http://www.iherb.com/ it’s great!

      • lanie says:

        hi duncan i checked the healthy options store in manila and i found nettle leaf capsules… Is it ok to use it as replacement of the nettle leaf tea.. Do you also suggest for me to download your ebook?

        • Hello again Lanie!

          Thanks for your contact, and I am so glad you taking action in getting yourself better.

          Yes Nettle Leaf tea capsules will work perfectly, so you can take those. As for the eBook? Well, I am a little biased, but yes I think everyone with kidney disease owes it to themselves to follow my program. It is a lot more in-depth than what I go through on my blog, discussing a lot more natural healing remedies (nutritional and herbal), dietary techniques (water hydration technique, which foods to eat, juicing techniques), and exercise and lifestyle techniques to give you the best chance of reversing kidney disease.

          It is essentially the exact program I take my personal one-on-one clients through in clinic. If you have any more questions on this please let me know.


          • lanie says:

            hi again duncan… thank you very much for replying and freely answering all my questions. I have another question for you and I would very much appreciate it if you can help. I actually really didnt know the exact cause of my disease. I was diagnosed last 1995 with Acute glomerulonephritis, and thn i got well….. in 2007 i had pyelonephritis and hypertension, I was seen with increases creatinine levels. bet. 2.4-2… then i got better.. it went back to normal… then 2 months ago i was hospitalized with CKD and i had a crea level of 10.8 but it went down to 6.2 as of today… it would be of so much help if you would help me trace the exAct cause…. thank you so much

          • Emailing you now Lanie…

  16. Sachin Rao says:

    Hi Duncan,

    Your tips do make an interesting read. I was born with PU valves way back in 1978. A corrective surgery left me with Chronic kidney disease. Now my creatinine levels after so many years are slowly rising.

    I have been under the care of a renowned nepherologist for the past 15 years and follow a low protein, vegetarian diet. I am also hypertensive (125/90).

    My doctor has been insisting on a kidney transplant. However I am not convinced. I still feel there is a way to heal myself completely. Your article is like light at the end of a tunnel. The line about milk and milk products exacerbating was my “OMG” moment..

    Thanks from the cockles of my heart for writing this article. More power to you 🙂

  17. raelyn says:

    thankYou for taking the time to educate the public and for being accurate.
    you’re awesome!

  18. Shankar R says:

    My creatinine level is 3.0 at present. Nearly 1 and Half year back I came to know that my Creatinine level is 2.3 from a Nepro, I also met a Homeopathy Doctor, Hegave me URTIC URANS and asked me to take in tincture form mixing it with water after every meals. I took it for 2-3 mths and found that my creatinine level was 1.80. Susequently my nephro told Creatinine cant be / will not be reduced and I left taking Urtica Urans. Now I feel that URTICA URANS has a role to reduce creatinine. Can I continue it now.

    At present I am taking Ketosteril Tablets and Cordyceps Capsules. How far it will help me Plz Guide me in this regard

    • Chandra says:

      Dear mr shankar, are you living in InDia? If so please let me know the source of urtic urens!



      • Shankar says:

        Urtica Urans is sold in tincture form, You have to get the Urtica Urans which is manufactured in Germany. I got it when I was in Kolkata. In Kolkata I use to get it in Haneman Homeo.

        I am not sure whether the Homepaty Urtic Urans and the nettle leaf said by Duncan is same. Only Duncan can clarify

  19. Sarika says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I am from India. My Mother-in law is suffering from CKD from past one year. It formed up due to prolonged High Blood Pressure.
    Her Creatinine level is between 6-7. She Underwent dialysis 10 months back.
    Currently she is on medication and diet as suggested by the Nephrologist. Also her hemoglobin level is low appx 7.
    Please suggest if the above 7 steps can help reducing the creatinine from such high levels. Also if you can suggest a daily diet plan (Vegetarian)which would help her. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

  20. Phil says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I am 44 years old and I just had a blood test and my creatine level is 1.11. Is that okay for my age or should it be lower? What is your opinion?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Phil,

      That looks good to me. Ideally you want to be under 1.0, but at 1.11 you are doing really well (that is unless you are having symptoms that point to kidney disease?). Based on that figure you have >90% kidney function.

      If concerned, monitor it yearly.


  21. Sam says:

    My friend is in the hospital right now with high creatinine levels. How should he approach his doctors to ask if it’s okay he starts some of these?

    • Hi Sam,
      That can be a little tricky (but not always). Ultimately it is your friends decision, so if it is something that they want to do, then don’t let them be FEARED into not doing it.

      Doctors like to see that their clients are confident, and have thought their decision out first, so presenting the idea in this manner will greatly help. Get them on board as well, maybe asking them if they know of vitamins or supplements that may improve your friends overall health. And ask them to check if there is any drug interactions – but get them to show you the evidence of this, as sometimes they can make this up just so you don’t take anything.

      But as mentioned this is not always the case, some doctors are VERY supportive of this. Also there are a number of remedies now (e.g. Lipoic Acid) that have clinic studies backing up their effectiveness in treating kidney disease, so arming yourself with these printoffs will be sure to help.

      I hope that helps!

  22. Oraa says:

    I Tried for two weeks and it did work, I will continue following these steps and would let you know of further improvements. My B.U.N was 114 and it went down to 86; my creatinine was 9.8 and it went down to 7.45 (only in two weeks).

    I am a kidney transplant patient, my transplanted kidney was not functioning very well, my doctor wanted to put me back on dialysis, so I followed these steps with skepticism but it was my last chance, and when the result came out I was astonished.

    although I did not follow all of the steps to the letter, I saw result. here what I have done:

    * I drank organic aloe vera juice daily (2-4 ounces a day mixed with juice)

    * I drank more fluid.

    * I drank water with lime juice (7 times within two weeks).

    * I drank one cup of Nettle leaf tea during the two weeks (I did not like the taste), but this time I will drink it more regularly.

    * I took 50mg of R-Liopic Acid (3 times within 2 week). but this time I will take it more regularly.

    * I reduced my meat consumption.

    * I ate lots of organic spinach, asparagus, pearls,beets beets root, broccoli. (I would chop and mix them in a bowl and a lime, salt, and olive oil and eat them as a salad).

    Good luck

  23. Rakesh Ranjan says:

    Dear Duncan Capicchian,

    My wife (age 31) is suffering from CKD. Her creatinine (2.3) and urea (73) was constant for nearly a year. Suddenly her urea has jumped to 100 however her creatinine has not changed. She doesn’t take high protein food. do we have to worry because of sudden rise of urea? I want to consult you. We stay in India. Please let us know how can we reach you? do you have branch in India who can give suggestion related to food who have advised? Looking for reply ASAP.
    Thanking you

  24. ACURA says:

    DEAR Mr. Duncan Capicchiano …





  25. Pradeep says:

    I am Pradeep aged 23 years from Bangalore. I was on medication for Nephrotic syndrome since 2003. In September 2011 my creatinine levels were as high as 36.3 and was put to dialysis. From then on I am on dialysis for twice a week. Currently my Creatinine levels are in between 9-12. Is it possible to bring those values to normal?


    • Hello Pradeep,
      It is very hard to say, unfortunately health is not an exact science. However based on what you have told me, your chance may be more difficult than most – given how high your creatinine levels were before dialysis. What I can say is this, natural medicine always offers benefits to the kidneys/person no matter what stage of kidney disease you are at, but the outcomes will difer from person to person. In your case the best outcome maybe a reduction of symptoms, improved quality of life, and potentially lessened dialysis visits. While others who have been on dialysis and followed my program have completely come off dialysis. You won’t know until you try to get well again…

  26. Sagar V Parel says:


    My mother’s creatinine reports are 5.9 so plz give me suggestion what can i do for her?

  27. Adi says:

    Hi Duncan,

    My self Adi, 23 years old and i’m having HT from 1 year. I found that my creatinine is 2.4 before 6 months and now its at 3.8. Currently i’m taking homeopathic medicine plus supportive alophatic medicines for BP control, Calcium and Steroids.

    I’m very pleased and thankful if i’ll get some guideline and help


  28. Neha says:


    Firstly, i wanted to give you world’s best wishes for great job of helping people.

    I wanted to discuss with you my fathers proble. Last month he was diagoned with renal failure. He has Horse-shoe shaped kidney. Presently, his creatinine is 5.56 and Urea is 156 , which was 4.36 and urea 89.

    Pls guide us the proper treatment.

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Neha,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. To begin with I would recommend you see a Natural health care professional in your area (e.g. TCM practitioner, Naturopath, Ayuvedic practitioner), and I would also recommend that you check the beginner’s guide to this website here: http://www.kidneycoach.com/start-here/

      And generally make your way through all the articles that I have written, as there is a stack of useful articles to help you get on your way. There is of course my ebook http://www.kidneycoach.com/loveyourkidneys/ but that is up to you if you wish to purchase it.

      Once you have made your way through all that information, let me know if you have any specific questions you have. I am here and happy to help 🙂


  29. Regolio says:

    Hi Duncan

    I’m 24 years old male and having this disease called Glomerulonephritis i’m taking now medications and one of my medicine is prednisone given by my kidney specialist my creatinine clearance is 108.09 ml/min, serum creatinine is 99micromol/l, urine creatinine is 58.20 mg/dl and protein leakage in my urine is 529.41 mg/24 hours. What are the necessary things should i do? Should I drink nettle leaf tea?

    • Hi Regolio,

      First, if you haven’t done so already, I would check out the following: http://www.kidneycoach.com/start-here/
      And I would also sign up for the free 10 day ecourse; which you can fiond in the top right hand corner of my blog.

      Aside from that, I believe it is very important to get your diet taken care of. Especially in Glomerulonephritis. Please read this article here: http://www.kidneycoach.com/1089/renal-diet-top-7-tips-for-renal-failure/

      Be sure to avoid all gluten containing products in Glomerulonephritis, as gluten aggravates the immune system and makes this condition worse.

      I always believe it is a good idea to see a Natural health care professional in your area (e.g. TCM practitioner, Naturopath, Ayuvedic practitioner), as this will provide the support and expertise to make sure you are properly taken care of.

      There is of course my ebook program http://www.kidneycoach.com/loveyourkidneys/ which I am very proud of, but that is up to you if you wish to purchase it.

      Once you have made your way through all that information, let me know if you have any specific questions you have. I am here and happy to help 🙂


  30. Girija Varadarajan says:

    Dear Mr Duncan
    My husband’s creatinine has gone up to 8; he is losing weight, he has suddenly developed rashes red in color all over the body; also itching of the back how should the creatine be brought down he is a vegetarian he has diabetes type II; high BP, his leg has red coloration, he is reluctant to go for dialysis. From where can I get nettle leaf, chitosan, and alpha lipoic acid? Please advise me I am worried.

  31. Irina Dvorak says:

    Thank you so much for all your help to others!
    I have a question: I am a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient as of 2/3/2005. I am a vegan. I take immunosuppressive meds (Prograf and CellCept). Are there any interactions known with any of these meds taken with Nettle leaf tea, Alpha lipoic acid, and Chitosan?

    Thank you, I appreciate your response so much!

    • My pleasure Irina!

      I don’t know of any interactions with any of those medicines, and feel that it would be safe. But to do your due dilegence, I would recommend checking with your prescribing doctors, and visiting this website for drug interactions: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com

      Click on the “Health Notes” menu tab in the top right hand corner, then type in the drug, herb, or nutrient in the “Search Healthnotes” search box.

      I hope that helps.


  32. mohammed Akram says:

    My creatinine is 975 and my kidney function in 5% how can i stay off dialasis and keep my creatinine down? I feel fine, its just the results that are worrying me.

  33. SYLVIA says:

    my sister is a nephroutic syndrome pateint. her creatinne nowdays is 1.5 mg/dl. she is having immuno suprresant drug.
    can u advice something helpful regarding this disease management.

  34. roshani samant says:

    i was very worried for my mother,she was 47 years old, and she check the blood test and the report finding the high creatinine 1.75. if it is a dangerous. and how to make the creatinin level low please ans the quesions.

  35. Martha says:

    God Bless You With More….To Help Others!!!
    Hello Mr. Duncan,

    My question is:
    Does Nettle leaf has high potassium level?

    Three weeks ago my father’s lab show potassium 5.6
    Last week we rechecked and potassium is 5.1
    Previous history of potassium has been 4.6 range
    Is it ok to take Nettle Leaf tea?

    He watches what he eats, but not enough water.
    He is 68 years old.

    His creatinine has been 1.2 – 1.57 for many years. Three weeks ago lab shows 1.57
    History of high blood pressure & controlled with Benazepril 40mg.
    History of high cholesterol & controlled with Simvastatin 20mg and Zetia 10mg

    What kind of herbs are good to replace this medications he is taking?

    Thank You!!!

  36. Ravi says:

    Hi Duncan
    I just saw u r website, I want to know how to control Creatinine level naturally. My husband has kidney failure and he is on dialysis . Please guide me. I do not know about Nettle Leaf, what is it, will it be of any help to him

  37. madhumita says:

    hi duncan
    my father had his reports today and his cretinine level is 2.1 and sugar is 169.only a forthnight ago it was 1.7 and sugar was 79.he had pain in his legs and took some medicines,and ended with the higher level.he was diagnosed with high cretinine(2.0 )in december 11 and is on medication since then.i was really tensed before i saw ur blog. i hope to get back some response.
    And 1 more thing,docs here in india are against herbal medication.can i suugest them the herbs you have prescribed

  38. Bilal says:

    Good Day

    iam a carrier of FMF (familial mediterenian fever ) its chronic & genetic. and my creatinine is keep going up , from 1.1 2002 up to 1.8 feb 2012 . i want to know does the above steps help in stabilizing the creatinie level or since iam an fmf carrier i will not be able to control it, appreciate your reply . thank you

  39. Shalisa says:


  40. Jean says:

    I have a 43 year old daughter who is developmentally disabled that has polycystic kidney disease. Her UR ALB/CREAT level is 104.9 and the other creatine level is 3.0 with an EST GFR of 17. They want to do a kidney transplant, but I’m trying to avoid that if at all possible and want to try and do something less invasive. Can you help me out at all? Will be anxious to hear back from you.

  41. Rani says:

    Hi Duncan,

    My cousin is 31 years old (male). Just before 2 months when he had a complete body check up, he was told that the creatinine content is 500umol/l and both the kidneys are failed, but no symptoms were shown up. At the time he had his check up, his BP rate is 160/110, now his BP is 130/90. Doctor’s are advicing him to go for dialysis/kidney transplantation.
    Can you please suggest some food diet (Vegetables and Fruits that can be taken)? And by following the 7 tips suggested by you, will his creatinine level come to normal? Please advice.

    Thanks in advance…!!

  42. Chandra says:

    Hi Ankur,
    How old are you? When since you were identified for proteinuria? Do you have hypertension? Are you on any medication? What is your lipid profile status?


  43. Pallavi says:


    Can anyone tell me where can i get Nettle leaf in Bangalore, India.


  44. Shankar says:

    Dear Duncan,

    With in 3 months my creatinine has raised to 4.7 mg/dl from 3.0 mg/dl. I was taking Alo-vera juice and Gooseberry juice in the morining, then the tablets like ketosteril and neprocaps. Kindly let me know will the alo-vera and Gooseberry juice will increase Creatinine level. I dont take Non-Veg food. What should I do to reduce my creatinine level

  45. Tina Zee says:


    Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this?

    It is very easy, first take a bunch of parsley (MALLI Leaves) KOTHIMBIR (DHANIYA)and wash it clean
    Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes and let it cool down and then filter it and pour in a clean bottle and keep it inside refrigerator to cool.

    Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salt and other accumulated poison coming out of your kidney by urination also you will be able to notice the difference which you never felt before.

    Parsley is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural!

    Hope you will forward this toall your loved one..

    • mina says:

      Hi Miss Tina, your parsley tip made me feel a lot better because i’m jobless and i don’t even have enough to go to the doctor and have my blood test..im having a hard time with the symptoms that i have read regarding the elevated Creatinine level, its been months now that i cant sleep well because of the pain that i have been experiencing on my left leg going up my thigh every time that i will go to bed,had a hard time breathing,i also spend time going to the bathroom to urine but a little amount would just come out, its really tiring and when i travel i always feel uneasy sitting long time and i would feel numbness or tickling in my legs , i will try the parsley and i hope it will really help me ..thanks so much and i would like also to thank Mr Duncan for the info. it helped me a lot.
      God Bless Mina

  46. Kalven says:

    I am 31 years old, male, Malaysia. I am facing kidney disease detected on OCT 2010, creatinine 170~190umol/l, eGFR 43, Renal biopsy 23 glomeruli, 16 glomeruli global sclerosiswith hyalinosis, 3 glomeruli segmental sclerosis. Latest creatinine 207umol/l, i am worried now on going to end stage. i am food diet as per your mention pass 2 year and taking Coozaar 100mg/day, can you please advise what i shall do to improve my kidney function and reduce creatinine level.

    My friend introduce that china having a new treatment “micro-chinese medicine osmotherapy”. It can cure kidney disease. It this really function? Can you please advise? or did anyone can share your advise here.

    Appreciate you can share your advise.


  47. sanasra says:

    Good Day

    I am very concerned on my health as recently my serum creatinine is gone high from 2.1 to 3.2
    i need to know what food i should take and fruits do i need to use plenty of water ?
    some one advice how to reduce creataine and my urine is losing protein

  48. Imtiaj says:

    I am 35 yrs old. my creatinine level tocuh the high level range. My URIC Acid level also higher than max. level. would you pls. suggest how can i reduce creatinine level in natural way.


  49. Zente says:

    Dear Duncan,

    Is it safe to use chitosan, fish oil, q10 and alpha lipoic acid simultaneously? I am a bit afraid of the blood thinning effect of chitosan and fish oil.



  50. Isabell says:

    Hallo Dr.Duncan,
    Am 38 yrs, female my creatinine level is currently at 89.2 mol/l and my left kidney measures 8.6cm while the right is 8.5cm,my weight is 75 kgs and am currently on Natrilix for bp,is it safe to take Alpha lipoic acids.

  51. Mukesh Vishwakarma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My brother is having creatinine as of now on today 12/7/12 12.05,blood urea-150 mg,Hb level-6.70.shall he should go for dialysis or kidney transplant.Because the levels are increasing day by day and currently he is dependent on Ayurvedic medicines.

  52. Tabatha Coombs says:

    My husband, about a year ago had to have the right kidney removed due to stage 3 kidney cancer. They now test him every month to see if cancer has returned. They perform a routine CT scan and chest x-ray every visit. Before the CT is done they check is creatinine level in his left kidney. Has always came back too high to give him the contrast needed for a accurate CT scan. He is heavy set and loves his meat and fish. Will drinking plenty of water work to aid in lowering those levels? or, is there any other advise you could give me? He has his 1 year check-up this Friday July 20th.

  53. NAZISH NAQVI says:

    hello sir
    i m dr nazish
    my father is known diabetic and ischemic heart dis patient
    now he had s creatinin 2.8
    plz tell me the diet plan and hw i can lower the cr of my father as he never agree for dialysis ever
    waiting for ur soon reply kind regards

  54. Satheesh says:

    Hi duncun,
    My father have serium creatinine 4mg/dl,urea 101mg/dl,sodium 136mmol/L,Potassium 4.2mmol/L,heamoglobin is 11.5g/dl,Estimated protein excretion per day is 2634mgs/day and urine P/C ratio is 2.51 ..he is having diabets and blood pressure for past 15 years and taking insulin and tablets for that.. so please help us to avoid dialysis stage and how to improve the kidney function and to lower the creatinine level.

  55. Joshua says:

    Hi my wife is 30 years old and she has stage 5 renal failure and her creatinine numbers recently jumped from 7.5 to 10 and I was wondering if being sick would make them jump and also would having her period make the levels elevated since the last 4 times the blood test has been done on her period ? I would appreciate your council on this .


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